How to Register for Zenith Bank Mobile App

Are you looking for how to register for the Zenith Bank mobile app or how to perform transactions on the Zenith bank app?

The Zenith bank app allows Zenith bank customers to do basic to advanced banking transactions on their smartphones.

Zenith Bank

In this guide, you will learn how to register and perform transactions right on the app without going to the banking hall.

What is the Zenith Bank Mobile App

The Zenith bank mobile app is a mobile application from Zenith bank Nigeria for its customers. This app allows any Zenith bank customer with a smartphone and access to the internet to perform banking services from their mobile phones.

With this app, you can transfer money, buy airtime, pay bills and pay for flight tickets, e.t.c.

Although, the mobile app is not the only platform for customers to use their mobile phone to the bank; there is also the Zenith Bank USSD solution.

The USSD solution comes with its own perks but the mobile app gives you access to a lot of things not available on USSD.

Interesting Things you can do on the Zenith Bank Mobile App

Make QR Payments

QR codes are bar codes that can be scanned to make a payment. This is a quick way of paying money without revealing your debit card information or bank account details. On the Zenith bank mobile app, you can scan to pay in stores that have the scan to pay payment method.

Manage Dispense Errors

Did you try to withdraw money from an ATM and you got debited without receiving cash? The Zenith Bank mobile app has got you covered. You can log complaints on the app and expect the issue to be resolved without going to the bank

Increase or Decrease Daily Amount Limit

You can increase or decrease the daily transaction limit that can be done on the Zenith bank app. You will not be able to exceed the transaction limit once set.

Note that this transaction limit is only affecting transactions done on the mobile app.

Check your BVN

Why pay to check your BVN when you can check it on your smartphone for free. If you need to use your BVN, you can log in to your Mobile app and access your BVN from there. Please note that it is a bad practice to save your BVN on your phone contact.

If your phone gets stolen, thieves could use your BVN coupled with other information to steal your money.

Set up a Target

If you have rents to pay or you want to save for a certain goal, you can set up a target using the Zenith bank save for me feature.

This feature works like the Piggyvest target feature. It automatically debits your main account and saves the money in a virtual account to be accessed when you need it.

Send Statement of Account

You can send your statement of account to any location right from the Zenith bank mobile app. All you need to do is to select the date range, make payments for delivery and viola, your statement of account will be sent to the destination you chose.

Phone Version Requirements

The Zenith bank app is available both on Android and iOS. However, if you are using a very old device, you may not be able to use the mobile app.

Android users must be on at least Android 4.2 to use the latest version of the Zenith Bank app while iOS users must be on iOS 11.0 and above.

You can download the Zenith bank mobile app using the appropriate links below;



How to Register for the Zenith Bank Mobile App

After you have downloaded the mobile app, you will need to register before you can begin to use the app.

Follow the process below to register for the Zenith bank app with ease;

Step 1: Open the App and click on Register.

Zenith bank mobile app registration

Step 2: Enter your Zenith bank account number in the space provided.

Zenith bank mobile app enter account number

Step 3: Select your registration mode (hardware token, debit card, OTP)

Zenith bank app registration process

Step 4: Fill out the remaining parts of the form. What you fill here depends on the option you selected in Step 3.

Step 5: Enter your password and transaction pin. Your password will be used to login to the Zenith bank mobile app while your pin will be used to approve payments.

If you follow these steps properly, your Zenith account will be successfully registered for mobile banking.

You can now login to the app to do transactions.

How to Transfer Using Zenith Bank Mobile App

Transferring money on the Zenith bank mobile app is seamless. You can transfer to any bank account in Nigeria.

Follow the process below to transfer money from your Zenith bank account through the mobile app.

Step 1: Login to the Zenith bank mobile app

Step 2: At the bottom part of the app, click on Transfer.

Zenith bank mobile app transfer button

Step 3: Select the transfer mode. If you are transferring to a Zenith bank account, click on Zenith bank but for other banks, click on Other banks from the list of options.

Step 4: Select the account you want to transfer money from. If you have a saving, current or domiciliary account with Zenith bank, the account numbers will appear.

You have to select the account number you want to send the money from.

Step 5: If you are not sending the money to a Zenith bank account, you need to select the Nigerian bank you want to send the money to.

Step 6: Enter the account number you want to transfer to. If the account number and bank name are correct, the name of the account will appear below.

Step 7: Enter the amount you want to send

Step 8: Then enter the transaction description. This part is for record purposes.

Step 9: Click on continue when you are done.

Step 10: Enter your Zenith bank Mobile banking pin to approve the transaction.

How to Reset Zenith Bank Mobile App Password

Have you forgotten the password to log into your Zenith bank mobile app? Follow the procedure below to reset your mobile banking password.

Step 1: Open the Zenith Bank mobile app

Step 2: Click on login

Step 3: Click on forgot password.

Step 4: Select your authorization method. The purpose of selecting the authorization method is to confirm that you own the account.

You can choose Hardware pin + token or card.

If you do not have a Zenith hardware token, then you should select the Card authorization method.

Step 5: Enter your Zenith bank account number and new pin. If you choose the card method, you will need to enter the last six digits of your debit card and pin.

Click on confirm when you are done.

If you selected the hardware token option, you need to enter your pin + token to confirm the change.

It’s always good to save your pin in a password manager so you do not forget the password.

How to Unlink Devices

After registration, your device will be linked to the app. You will not be able to login into the app with another Zenith bank account.

Perhaps you misplace or sell your device, you can unlink your account from all the devices you are connected to.

Step 1: Open the Zenith bank mobile app and the login details you created.

Step 2: Click on the menu (three bars at the top left corner).

Step 3: Scroll down and click on settings.

Step 4: Scroll down to my Devices

Step 5: Click on the trash icon on the left-hand side to delete a device.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to register for the Zenith Bank Mobile app. You can also check our post on how to borrow money from Zenith Bank and how to cancel Shaw academy membership.


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