5 Lessons From the DayStar Excellence in Leadership Conference

I was at the Daystar Excellence in Leadership Conference 2019 and the experience was amazing. This was my first time attending the conference. I have heard about the conference in previous years but I’m fond of giving excuses that there was no time for me to attend such a conference.

Sometimes I even said to myself “Who holds a conference in Lagos State on a Thursday and Friday Morning? Lagos of all places”.

This year I shamed the devil. I went to the conference and I was surprised at the number of people that turned up. By 10 AM the main auditorium was filled up already.

Sam Chand at the Daystar Excellence in Leadership Conference

All the speakers were amazing.

Mr Sam Chand, one of the speakers really thrilled the event with his storytelling ability and a good sense of humour. He also gave three of his books out for free. You can get the three books at Samchand.com/Nigeria.

The conference was worth it. I learned new things from each speaker. Big thanks to Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Mrs Nike Adeyemi, Alibaba, Dr Joe Abah, Mrs Udo Okonjo, Mr Sam Chand and Mr Oluseun Onigbinde for baring it all at the conference.

While at the Excellence in Leadership Conference, I promised I was going to write a post about some things I learned at the conference; things I learned from my observations around and not from the speakers.

If you want to learn from the speakers, you can stream the replay of the event online.

5 Lessons Learnt at ELC 2019

Here are some of the things I learned.

1. Never Attend a Conference without a Seller Intent

Wherever there is a crowd of people, your customer or someone that knows your customer will be there. Walk up to them and pitch your product or service to them.

The conference lasted for five hours with a few minutes break. During the break, I saw an attendant advertising his wares. I’m not sure the ladies bought at that moment but if he gave them an irresistible offer, they will definitely save his contact to buy from him later on.

2. Be Confident in What you Do

While networking at a conference, it is very likely someone would ask you what you are into. If you don’t reply to this question confidently, you might not be taken seriously.

Imagine someone telling you he is a digital marketer who has worked with top brands in and outside Nigeria and while he’s saying this, he can’t look you in the face and his voice is a bit shaky. It doesn’t show confidence.

People don’t take such persons serious. My brother, they will share business cards, they won’t give you.

3. Network

The best time to be friends with the President is when he’s not yet the president.

Sam Adeyemi at the Excellence in Leadership conference 2019

Remember that saying, nobody knows tomorrow?

The person you are sitting next to at the conference might be the CEO of a company in the nearest future. You could also be sitting next to someone that knows the president.

In Nigeria, if you have a mutual friend with the president, you are made. The bragging rights alone is fulfilling.

4. Wear your Brand’s Customised Shirt

Someone did this and I realised it’s the biggest form of advertisement. At this conference, you are not allowed to put up a banner at the event venue unless you are a partner.

How about when you wear the banner in the form of a T-shirt. If your design/slogan is catchy, people might look up your business online.

Here is one free advice. When you wear your brand’s customised shirt, don’t just sit at one place. Go to the restroom for no reason, walk around for no reason.

You cannot be carrying advert and then you stay in one place; you have spoilt the whole idea.

5. Be Valuable

People will only take you seriously if you are valuable to them.

If someone gives you a business card and the next thing you do is to ask the person for a job or any kind of help, trust me, you will be avoided like someone with a communicable disease.

In a scenario like this, you could buy what the person is selling or tell them you have friends who would like to buy. If you render services, you could say you will offer them your service for free or give a discount.

This way, any important personality or lead you meet will keep you in mind.

One book I recommend to build relationships is How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book is the complete manual to building and maintaining relationships even though you suck at it.


The Excellence in Leadership Conference by Daystar Christian Church is a conference you don’t want to miss. I believe the speakers were paid and the expenses of flying the speakers from different parts of the world are on the high side. Yet, the conference was free and the impact was felt.

It’s an annual conference so you don’t wanna miss next year’s conference. I’m inviting you in advance.


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