How to use Scr.im to Reduce Spam from your Email

Are you looking for how to use Scr.im to protect your emails from spammers?

When you share your emails on public forums like Reddit and social media, they can be scraped by anyone. This is the reason you get lots of spam emails. Scr.im is a web tool that converts your email address to a safe web link. This way, it will not be seen as an email address.

In this article, you will learn why you should not post your emails directly on social media and how to use Scr.im to protect your emails.

scr.im email link customizer

What is Scr.im?

Scr.im is an email tool that helps you to cloak your email address in a URL. Spammers will not be able to harvest your email address from blogs, contact pages, forums or social media pages. This will help to reduce the number of spam emails you get daily.

When you use Scr.im to cloak your email address, people will have to click on the URL link and confirm that they are humans before they can have access to your email address.

You can read our article on how to scrape emails from Google search to see how spammers or scam artists use Google to scrap email addresses.

Convert your Email to a Link with Scr.im

Step 1: Visit Scr.im and paste your email address in the space provided.

scr.im email link customizer

Step 2: Enter a prefix in the next space. You could enter a username or anything you like.

Step 3: Click on protect your email.

You will get a unique link that you can share with the public. Scr.im will showcase three formats to share your emails online; the first format is the link you can share on social media websites, an HTML format for sharing in HTML documents and another format for sharing in Forums.

When someone clicks on the link, a very simple captcha challenge will appear. This is done to prevent any automated bot from scraping your email address.

scr.im captcha

Once the captcha challenge is passed, the email address appears. You could even click on the compose email to send a mail through your email client.

scr.im email protected

There is a feature below that shows you how many times your unique Scr.im URL has been viewed.

Cool huh?

Please note that once you have generated a link for an email address, you cannot generate a new link for that email. If you try to do so, Scrim will display a link that you have generated previously.

How to Change your Scr.im Email URL

You can decide to change your Scr.im custom URL to something else after a while. If you change your Scr.im URL, the prefix (after the slash) will become available and anybody can register it. This means you also have to change the links on all the places you have shared your Scr.im email link to.

This is how to change your Scr.im email link;

Step 1: Visit scr.im/edit/custom-url (add the custom url you want to change) e.g scr.im/edit/techofferz.

Step 2: Click on the “email” button.

scr.im change url

Step 3: You will receive a secret key in your email, enter the secret key and the new URL you want. Note that the secret key expires in 24 hours.

Step 4: Enter a new custom URL and click change my Scr.im to proceed.

change scr.im url

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