Mtn Hynet Flex Router Review

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mtn hynet flex router

What is MTN Hynet Flex?

MTN hynet flex is a broadband device by MTN nigeria specially designed for but not limited to business owners. It is the only MTN service that has an MTN unlimited plan. These MTN service can be used by;

  1. Small and Medium enterprises.
  2. Small office home office.
  3. Home users.
  4. Heavy data users.

The Mtn hynet flex comes with a special sim card that cannot be purchased separately.

Below is an image of the MTN Hynet flex router.

When you purchase a new Hynet flex router, you are eligible for 120GB welcome data and 100% data bonus on every data subscription you do for the next three months.

Benefits of MTN Hynet Router

Unlimited data 

MTN offers unlimited browsing only to its Hynet users. Although the unlimited data plan is capped but if you are in an area with good MTN service, you still get a reasonable data speed.

There are four unlimited plans for Hynet users; the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plan.

We will explain each of these plans later in the article.

Fast Internet Speed

The Hynet router comes with 3G and 4G capabilities. The sim card that comes with the Hynet router is an MTN 4G enabled sim card.

If you stay in an area with good MTN 4G reception, you will enjoy the speed of the router.

Sometimes the device switches to 3G automatically.

The internet speed of this device depends heavily on your location. You can contact MTN customer care or ask neighbors if there’s good MTN coverage in your area before buying the router.

Connects up to 64 Devices

You can connect up to 64 devices to your MTN hynet router.

There are four ports for Lan cables and two ports for …. You can use these ports if you have a device that supports LAN connections

Please note that the internet speed reduces when you connect a lot of devices to the router.

Disadvantages of MTN Hynet Router

Poor battery life

The battery life of the MTN Hynet router does not last long after it is fully charged. You have to purchase a power bank to use the device for longer hours.

A 3,000 Mah battery is included in the Hynet flex router packaging. This battery lasts for about 3 hours.

There are instances where the battery may last longer hours but the average is 3 hours.

Because of the poor battery life, you have to leave the power adapter or charger connected to a power source as long as you use it. This could further weaken the performance of the battery.

Device is not Mobile

The Hynet device is not pocket friendly. It is not suitable to be carried around.

You can use it mostly at the office, home, hostel, etc.

If the device is your main source for internet data, then you have to carry it in a bag or share data from your HYNET sim to another MTN sim card.

Locked to only MTN

The MTN Hynet flex router is locked only to the MTN network. This means that you cannot use another mobile network with it.

If you would like to use another mobile network with it, you have to unlock the router. This may cost you extra.

There have been cases where the router relocks after it has been unlocked.

MTN Hynet Flex Router Price

As at the time of publishing this article, an MTN Hynet flex router costs 25,000 Naira and you also get all the bonuses included. The device is sold officially by MTN.

Sometimes, the router goes out of stock and third party retailers sell from 25,000 Naira to 30,000 Naira.

The device comes with a 3,000 MaH battery, a charger and LAN cable.

MTN Hynet Flex Data Plans

MTN has 3 categories of data plans for Hynet flex users; the monthly capped plans, other capped plans and the unlimited plans.

Below is a list of the (data) and price for each of them;

Unlimited Plans

Before you buy any of the Hynet flex unlimited plans, you need to know how it truly works. 

Each of the unlimited plans has an amount of data that you can use. Once you have used up the allocated amount of data, you will still be able to browse but at a throttled speed (the internet speed will reduce) of 512 kilobytes per second.

Here are the MTN hynet flex unlimited plans;

Unlimited (30GB) 7 days 5,000 Naira

Unlimited (130GB) 30 days 20,000 Naira

Unlimited (210GB) 30 days 30,000 Naira

Unlimited (550GB) 30 days 60,000 Naira

Monthly Capped Plans

12GB 30 days 4,000 Naira

25GB 30 days 8,000 Naira

45GB 30 days 11,000 Naira

100GB 30 days 18,000 Naira

160GB 30 days 25,000 Naira

Other Capped Plans

280GB 60 days 36,000 Naira

360GB 90 days 45,000 Naira

800GB 180 days 90,000 Naira

1.5TB 365 days 150,000 Naira

Where to Buy the MTN Hynet Router

If you are interested in buying the MTN Hynet flex router, there are various places that you can buy it from.

The Hynet router is sold officially by MTN. However, some retailers buy from MTN for the official price and sell for a profit.

Early in 2020, MTN sold the Hynet flex router on Jumia for 20,000 Naira. Some retailers stocked up a lot of devices and are selling for profit.

You can buy the MTN Hynet flex router from the following places or websites;

  1. Jumia.
  2. An MTN outlet close to you.
  3. Jiji.ng.
  4. Technology markets in your area.

After you have purchased the MTN hynet router, the first thing to do is to register the sim card and load at least 100 Naira card on the sim card to activate the sim card.

You then wait for about 24 hours for the SIM card to begin to work perfectly.

You should also keep the sim pack in somewhere safe so that it would be easy for you to retrieve the Hynet Flex Sim card if it gets missing.

How to Login to the Hynet Flex Router

When you login to the router control panel, you have full access to a lot of options. Although without logging in, you can connect to the router but you won’t be able to see things like how many users are connected to your router, switching the router from 4G to 3G e.t.c.

Follow the steps below to login to your Hynetflex router control panel;

Step 1: Copy this address and paste it in your browser

Step 2: Enter your password. The default password is “admin”.

You can find the default password by looking at the sticker under the router.

Be careful not to enter the wrong password four consecutive times. If you do this, the router will be locked. 

How to Setup MTN Hynet Flex Router

Setting up the router is quite easy. Setting up the router here means customizing the display name of the router, changing the password and setting a limit to how many devices can be connected to the router.

Customizing the Display name

Step 1: Login to the hynetflex control panel

MTN Hynet flex control panel

Step 2: Click on settings under Wifi.

Step 3: Under network name (SSID), change the name to whatever you want.

The SSID can contain 32 characters so the new name you are changing to must fall in between the supported length.

Step 4: Click on Apply when you are done.

You will receive a prompt telling you that “all connected devices will need to reconnect”, click on yes.

Changing the Password

Step 1: Login to the hynetflex control panel.

Step 2: Click on settings under Wifi.

Step 3: Scroll down to Wlan Key and enter the password you want.

Step 4: Click on Apply when you are done.

You will receive a prompt telling you that “all connected devices will need to reconnect”, click on yes.

Setting Connected Device Limit

Step 1: Login to the hynetflex control panel.

Step 2: Click on settings under Wifi.

Step 3: Scroll down to Max station number and select the limit of devices you want to be connected at a time.

Step 4: Click on Apply when you are done.

You will receive a prompt telling you that “all connected devices will need to reconnect”, click on yes.

How to Check Data Balance on MTN Hynet Flex

There are two ways to check your data balance on MTN Hynet flex router; you can check by dialing the USSD code in the router or check through the MyMTN app.

How to check Data balance via USSD

Follow the steps below to check your data balance via USSD;

Step 1: Login to the MTN Hynet flex control panel. See here to know how to login.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and click on USSD.

Step 3: Click on check data balance.

How to Check HyNet Data Balance via MyMTN App

The MyMTN app allows you to connect all your MTN sim cards to the app. Once you do this, you can see the data balance, airtime balance or recharge any of your MTN numbers.

You should add your MTN Hynet flex phone number to the MyMTN app. From the app, you can access your Hynet flex data balance.

Check out our article on how to add a phone number to the MyMTN app.

Sometimes, you may have issues using the USSD option to check your data balance, hence, the MyMTN option is the best way to check data balance on MTN Hynet flex.

How to Reduce Data Consumption on the Hynet Flex

The Hynet flex router is on the 4G network by default. If you use the 4G network to browse, your data will quickly get exhausted.

You can reduce the rate of data consumption by changing the default network type to 3G.

MTN has good 3G coverage in a lot of places in Nigeria so you might notice a slight change in the network speed.

Unfortunately, if you reside in an area with poor 3G coverage, you won’t enjoy your browsing speed or you may need to get a WiFi extender to boost your WiFi speed.

Here’s how to change the routers network from 4G to 3G;

Step 1: Login to the control panel of the router.

Step 2: Switch off the network if it is connected. If not, proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Click on settings under LTE.

Step 4: Click on Network selection.

Step 5: Set the network to 3G only

Step 6: Click on Apply to complete the change.

Frequently Asked Questions on the MTN Hynet Flex

These are answers to some of the frequent questions that MTN Hynet users may have to ask. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please use the comment section to send your questions.

My MTN Hynet Flex Router Battery does not Last, What Can I do?

You can get a spare MTN hynet flex battery. It is sold on Jumia for 

Where can I buy the MTN Hynet Flex Sim Card?

MTN Nigeria does not sell the Hynet Flex sim card separately. If you want a Hynet flex sim card, you have to get the router.

If your Hynet flex sim card gets missing, you can visit the nearest MTN walk in centre or kiosks to retrieve your sim card.

Can I share Data from my Hynet to other MTN sim cards?

You can only share your data with other MTN Hynet Sim cards. MTN does not allow users to share data with the normal MTN sim cards.

Like we said earlier, MTN Hynet flex is a product designed originally for businesses. 

Business owners can buy more than one Hynet flex routers for each of their branches and share  data from one router to the others.

What can I do if my Internet Speed is slow?

If your internet speed is slow, it could mean that there is a poor network signal where you kept the router or the MTN service in your area is bad.

You can change the placement of the router.

If this does not work, you could get a Wifi extender to boost network signal.

However, it is advisable you test the MTN service in your area before buying the router.

How Do I Unlock the MTN Hynet Flex Router?

You can visit technicians at technology markets like computer village to help you unlock the device.

Unlocking costs around 5,000 Naira.

There has been situations where a device locks after it has been unlocked.

To avoid cases like this, you can buy the universal ZTE MF286 router that is not locked to any network provider.

I did not get the 120GB Welcome Bonus, What do I do?

MTN offers new users a 120GB welcome bonus when a new Hynet flex router and sim card is activated.

If you did not get the welcome bonus, contact MTN support on twitter to fix this.

MTN Hynet flex is a great option if you own a business that relies on the internet or you are a heavy internet user. 

We hope you enjoyed our article on the MTN Hynet flex router. You may also check our article on how to check Ntel data balance here.



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