How to Track Emails: Know when Someone Reads your Email

Are you looking for how to track emails after you have sent them?

Email tracking helps you to know when your emails have been read by the recipient. With this knowledge, you will know if you need to resend an email or not.

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In this article, you will learn how to track emails, the benefits and various email tracking tools that you can use.

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is a technique used to monitor emails that you have sent to someone else. You can monitor if the email has been read, the actual time it was read, if a link was clicked or the country the recipient resides in.

Marketers use email tracking to know email open rates, best times to send email and also get important information about their subscribers.

Most email service providers used by internet marketers have this feature.

But is email tracking only used by marketers?

The simple answer to that is no.

Anyone can use email tracking for their own benefits.

Job seekers could use it to know if a CV sent by email has been read.

How Email Tracking Works

Email service providers or email tracking tools add a very tiny image that is most times unoticeable by the eye. When a recipient opens a mail, the browser loads the image from the server where it is hosted. Immediately the image is loaded, the server records that the email was opened.

The pattern explained above can be used to monitor if the email was opened, the actual time it was opened and the location the recipient opened it from.

There are other methods used in tracking link clicks.

Cool Features of Email Tracking

Monitor Email opens 

This lets you know if a mail you sent was opened. With this, you know if you need to follow up with another email or not. Some email tracking tools let you know the exact time and date the email was opened.

If you are a business owner with hundreds of customers, you can use mail trackers to know when a bulk of your customers read the emails; you then know the best times to send your emails so your customers do not miss them.

Get Important Metrics about the Recipient

Do you want to know where your recipient live, their social media pages, the links they click in your email? A mail tracker helps you track all these.

Some tools go as far as checking if the email address matches with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Did you receive a mail from someone you suspect is a scammer? An email tracking tool can show you the actual country the email was sent from.

7 Best tools to Track Emails

In this part of the article, we will show yu the best tools used to track emails. Some tools are best for personal use while others are designed for businesses.

Here are 7 best tools to track emails.


Mailtrack is a Google chrome extension that let’s you track email opens via Gmail. You can use mail tracker to track emails on all email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc) but mail tracker was built to work with Gmail.

This means if you have an email account that is not Gmail, you will not be able to use Mail tracker.

However, there is a way around it.

Mail track has a free, pro and advanced version.

Here are some features of the free version of Mail track;

  1. Revival notifications (tells you how many times your mails were opened)
  2. 1st Open Email alerts (notifies you when recipients open your mails the first time)
  3. Not opened reminders (Reminds you when an email has not been opened).
  4. Real time email tracking with desktop notifications.

The Pro version comes with the following;

  1. Everything in the free version.
  2. Reply monitoring.
  3. Link click tracking.
  4. Track emails with attachment above 3Mb.
  5. Activity Dashboard.

Mailtrack Advance features;

  1. Everything in Pro.
  2. Mailtrack campaign (Sends email to a massive number of emails the right way). Watch video below.
  3. Integrate Mailtrack with Salesforce and other CRM softwares.

Check out the video below to see what Mailtrack Campaign can do.

Mailtrack also has an Android and Iphone addon.

When you send an email with the Mailtrack free version, a “tracked with Mailtrack” image will appear at the bottom of the email. Your recipients will know that you are tracking their email activity.

If you are not comfortable with this then you have to upgrade mailtrack to either a pro or advanced version.

Mailtrack is the best Gmail tracker tool in the market.


Snov.io is mostly used by brands and businesses to do anything you could imagine with emails. This mail tracking tool comes with advanced features designed for businesses.

Snovio does not only track email opens, it is a complete email suite.

Checkout some of the features of Snov.io;

  1. Verify emails (helps you confirm if an email address is valid and more).
  2. Track sent emails in Gmail.
  3. Find email addresses of any company in the world.
  4. Send personalised email campaigns through gmail
  5. Integrate with your favourite CRM tool.

Snovio has a fantastic email finder tool that can find emails from any website, Google search or social media page.

Let’s say you do a Google search for Gym centres in Texas, Snovio email finder can extract all the emails from the search result and compile them in your Snovio dashboard.

After extracting the mails, Snovio email verifier tool can verify which of the emails are still valid and remove invalid emails.

Cool right?

Snovio has a limited free plan and a paid plan that ranges from $33 per month to $482 per month.


Do you send attachments via email frequently? OrangeDox helps you track if your attachments are being forwarded to other people and lots more.

If you send a PDF through email, Orangedox can show you how far the recipient has read the PDF you sent.

This is great for freelancers who need to protect their work.

If you are using a free version of Orangedox to track your shared documents, Orangedox will add advertisements to them. You can remove this by upgrading to an Orangedox paid plan.

The paid plan ranges from $14.99 to $44.99 per month.


Boomerang is a Gmail tracker that is also great at other features. Before Google introduced email scheduling in Gmail, Boomerang already had this feature.

Email scheduling is a feature that let’s you write an email now and schedule it to send at a specified time.

Check below for the full features of Boomerang for Gmail

  1. Respondable emails (an algorithm that helps you write emails in a better way).
  2. Inbox pause (pause new emails from entering your inbox at a specific time).
  3. Read Receipts (Get notified when an email is read)
  4. Track link clicks
  5. Email follow up (get notified if you do not get response after a certain number of days then react with a follow up email).
  6. And lots more.

Boomerang has four different plans, the Basic free plan, personal, pro and premium plan

As a new user, you get 30 days free trial on the Boomerang pro plan.

If you need a Gmail tracker that also adds more powerful features to your Gmail account, then you should try Boomerang.


Gmelius is a tool that track emails and also allows teams to collaborate without leaving Gmail. You can enable email tracking by default for all your outgoing mails or for specific emails.

When an email is opened,Gmelius shows you the location the recipient was when they opened your email, how often they opened it and if they clicked a link in your email.

There is also an email sequence feature that let’s you write a series of emails to send at specific dates and time.

Here are some features of Gmelius mail tracker tool;

  1. Kaban Boards (Converts mails to a Trello-like Board).
  2. Shared inbox (allows everyone on your team to receive the same email and assign who will reply the mail).
  3. Email tracking (Track open rates, location etc)
  4. Email Notes (Lets you chat with your team in real time)
  5. Workflow Automation (Allows you to automate email actions and save time for your team)

Gmelius integrates with Zapier, Google Workspace, Trello etc.

Gmelius is generous with its free plan. You can get started on the free plan with your team right away. When you are used to the platform and need advanced features, you can upgrade to the paid plan.

The paid plan starts from $9 per month for each user in your team.

MailTracker by Hunter.io

Mailtracker is an email tracking tool from the developers of Hunters.io, the popular email scouting tool.

Mail tracker is completely free. This tool tracks how many times an email was opened.

If all you need is to track email open rates, then Mailtracker is the tool you need.

It does the simple task of tracking emails – nothing more.

Hubspot Email Tracker

Are you an entrepreneur that needs to track emails, store email contacts to a CRM software all for free?

Look no further. The Hubspot Email tracking tool is the right tool for you.

Hubspot is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses to manage leads, track sales and lots more.

Hubspot CRM feature has a Gmail addon that helps you track emails. Once, you have the addon installed, it monitors your outgoing mails and tells you how many times the emails were opened.

This tool also saves the Names and Email addresses of customers you mail automatically.

How to Track if an Email Is Opened with MailTrack

First you must have a Gmail account and a Google Chrome browser for this to work on your computer. Most email tracking extensions work seamlessly with Gmail.

Step 1: Go to the Google Chrome Extension page.

Step 2: Search for Email Tracker for Gmail.

Step 3: Click on the result offered by Mailtrack.io

Step 4: Click on Add to Chrome.

Step 5: Click the Add extension button on the display notification.

Wait for the extension to be added to Google Chrome.

Step 6: Connect Mailtrack with Google.

Click on the connect with Google button.

mail tracker google connection

Step 7: Sign in to your favorite Gmail account.

Step 8: Grant Mailtrack.io access to your Gmail account.

Step 9: Signup for a Mailtrack

You can sign up by selecting any of the prices you want.

If all went well, you have successfully installed Mailtracker on your computer.

Henceforth. any email you send will be tracked.

You can also install the Mailtracker Android or iPhone App.

I hope this article has shown you how to track emails. You may also check our post on how to claim website on Pinterest and how to run multiple instances of Google Chrome on your computer.


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