How to Lock Google Chrome

Do you want to know how to lock Google Chrome Browser on your computer or mobile phone?

Locking chrome browser prevents unauthorized access to your Google Chrome browser, browsing history, passwords, social media accounts, etc.

In this article, you will learn how to lock chrome browser from the prying eyes of friends, family and colleagues who use your device to access the internet.

lock Google Chrome

Why you Need to Lock Google Chrome Browser

Most times, you are not the only person that uses your devices. Your friends, colleagues or family members may borrow your device and end up taking a peek at the messages in your social media account, emails or browsing history.

It could also be your jealous boyfriend or girlfriend trying to check out what you have been up to.

When you lock chrome, anybody trying to access the browser must enter a password set by you.

This gives you rest of mind when other people have access to your device with our without your consent.

4 Best Extensions to Lock Chrome on Computer

As at the time this article was written, Google Chrome does not have an inbuilt feature that lets your lock chrome. You need the help of Chrome extensions to enable Google Chrome lock.

There are various Chrome extensions that do the job well but each has its flaws.

Here are four extensions that can help you lock your Chrome browser;

1. LockPW

LockPW is currently the most popular Google Chrome lock extension with a 4-star rating in the Chrome web store.

This extension has a lot of positive reviews. It works well and comes in three different languages; English, Spanish and Russian.

Once you have this extension installed and properly set up, only someone that knows the password can have access to your Google Chrome.

We have tested the LockPW extension and we can say it is the best free Google Chrome locker available.

Later in this article, we will show you how to Lock Google Chrome with LockPW

2. Chrome Lock

Chrome lock is a popular extension with over 60,000 users. This extension helps you lock chrome from unauthorized usage.

On the chrome store, this chrome lock extension is called “Set Password for your browser” but a lot of users know it as Chrome lock.

There is a mix of positive and negative reviews about this extension so we decided to install it and test it by ourselves.

We tested version 6.4 of Chrome lock which was updated last in December 2015 and found two major issues.

Chrome lock displays the password while you type it. This may not be a problem for you as you can enter the password in a stealthy manner.

The second issue we found is a major problem if you have multiple Chrome profiles on your computer.

We discovered that when you open the Google Chrome profile where you installed Chrome lock, a password will be requested. 

But, If you open a Google chrome profile without the extension first before opening the one with the extension, no password will be requested.

If this is your preferred Google Chrome lock extension, you can install Chrome lock on your Google Chrome browser and then download another web browser for guest users.

3. PassBrow

PassBrow is a paid Google chrome lock extension. It costs $1.99 to use this extension on your computer.

One feature that makes Passbrow worth the penny is the site lock option. You can block access to certain websites on Google Chrome.

This feature is great if you have kids and they use your computer to access the internet.

Passbrow also has an authenticator app that serves as an extra layer of security to protect your Chrome browser from unauthorized use. The chrome locker works on all browsers.

There’s a free trial that permits only 10 blocks per day while the paid version gives unlimited blocking per day.

4. Lock for Google Chrome

This Chrome lock extension works quite differently from the rest. Lock for Google Chrome does not prevent users from opening the Chrome browser. It only helps you lock the browser automatically at a specific time that you set by yourself.

Lock for Google chrome is useful if you want to complement it with another Chrome lock extension that does not have the feature (LockPW has this feature)

The extension was last updated in April 2013 and comes only in the English language.

How to Lock Google Chrome with LockPW

LockPW is the most reliable free Chrome lock extension. Follow the steps below to see how to password protect Google Chrome with LockPW.

Step 1: Visit the LockPW chrome extension page.

Step 2: Click on Add to Chrome and Add Extension.

Step 3: Click Add extension on the notification pop-up.

Step 4: Click on Next to access the LockPW settings page.

Step 5: Set “Opening Password entry window in full screen” to off.

Step 6: Enter your password, password hint and click Save

Also, put a password hint that reminds only you of what the password is in case you forget the password.

Step 7: Press Ctrl+Shift+L to lock the browser.

We hope that you have learnt how to Lock Google Chrome on your computer or smartphone. You can also check our article on how to track emails.


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