How to Know your Nigerian Postal Code

Have you been using 23401 as the Nigerian postal code? This is completely wrong.

In this article, we will show you how to get the Nigerian postal address for your street or city if you live in the rural areas of Nigeria.

Nigerian Postal Code service

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What is a Postal Code?

A postal code is a series of letters or numbers included in a postal address for sorting mails. It was created to ease the delivery of items for courier companies around the world.

A postal code bears different names in different countries. In America, it is called a Zipcode while it is called a Postal Index Number (PIN) in India.

A lot of times we get asked to put in our Nigerian Postal code while filling forms online or while entering a delivery address. A wrong postal code may get your goods or mails delivered to the wrong address.

The Nigerian Postal codes are issued by the Nigerian postal service.

In this article, you will learn how to know your Nigerian Postal code. When you get it, know it at heart or save it somewhere so that you don’t have to look it up all the time.

Please note that Nigeria does not use ZIP Codes. Although, if you are filling a form online and you are asked for ZIP Code, fill your Nigerian Postal Code there.

According to Wikipedia, Zip codes were invented and used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Program.

Why you Should not Use 23401 as Postal Code

There’s a misconception going around that Nigeria postal code is 23401. This is totally wrong and can lead to your item sent to the wrong location in Nigeria.

All the Nigerian Postal codes consists of six digits while 23401 is only four digits.

How to Know your Nigerian Postal Code

The Nigerian Postal service has a tool for checking the Nigerian Postal code online. You do not have to go to your local post office to get your postal code.

Follow this guide to see how to check the correct Nigerian postal code for your location.

Step 1: Visit http://nigeriapostcode.com.ng.

Copy the exact link above and paste it in your address bar.

Nigerian postal code

Step 2: There’s an option to search by rural location, urban location or search by Postal facility.

If you are searching for the postal code of your area, click on either search by rural location or urban location.

The search by postal facility option is only needed when you want to search for the postal code of the postal offices in your state of residence. Use this option if your address is difficult to locate; you have to go to the post office to get your goods if you are expecting something.

Step 3: For an Urban location, select your state of residence, town, area, and street.

For a Rural location, select your state of residence, Local Government Area, District and town. Click on Get Post Code to see your Nigerian Postal Code.

How the Nigerian Postal Codes are Formed

This part of the article is just for educational purpose.

The Nigerian Postal codes consist of six numbers.

The first three numbers represent the state where the postal code originates from while the last three numbers represent the post office department code in charge of that location.

For example, the postal address for commercial avenue street in Yaba, Lagos is 101212.

101 is the state code for Lagos while 212 is the code for the Yaba post office.

Check out the list of State Codes for all States In Nigeria;

  1. Abia – 440001
  2. Adamawa – 640001
  3. Akwa Ibom – 520001
  4. Anambra – 420001
  5. Bauchi – 740001
  6. Bayelsa – 561001
  7. Benue – 970001
  8. Borno – 600001
  9. Cross River – 540001
  10. Delta – 320001
  11. Ebonyi – 840001
  12. Edo – 300001
  13. Ekiti – 360001
  14. Enugu – 400001
  15. Gombe – 760001
  16. Imo – 460001
  17. Jigawa – 720001
  18. Kaduna – 700001
  19. Kano – 800001
  20. Katsina – 820001
  21. Kebbi – 860001
  22. Kogi – 260001
  23. Kwara – 240001
  24. Lagos (mainland/island) – 100001/101001
  25. Nasarawa – 962001
  26. Niger – 920001
  27. Ogun – 110001
  28. Ondo – 340001
  29. Osun – 230001
  30. Oyo – 200001
  31. Plateau – 930001
  32. Rivers – 500001
  33. Sokoto – 840001
  34. Taraba – 660001
  35. Yobe – 320001
  36. Zamfara – 860001

The code for the Abuja, the Federal capital territory is 900001.

We hope that you have learnt how to check your Nigerian postal code online. You may also check our article on how to buy from Amazon and get delivery in Nigeria.

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