7 Free Stock Photos Websites

High-resolution images play an important role in marketing, design and media. The demand for free stock photos increased since the advent of the internet. From the web designer, E-commerce store owner to the offline restaurant along the street; they all need quality images to either design websites, create flyers, logos or run online adverts, etc.

Most of the images on the internet are copyrighted and do not have the creative commons license attached to them. Using just any image on the internet would attract huge fines from the owners of such images.

This is where having a list of free stock photos websites come handy.

Free stock photos websites are websites with high-resolution images submitted by professional photographers from around the world. You might wonder why a photographer would upload such nice free stock photos online; Well some do it for fun, to gain exposure and also to make the web a better place :).

In this article, I would share with you seven of the best stock photo sites available on the internet. However, there are over 50 free stock photos websites but I’ve selected the best amongst them.

Here we go in no particular ranking order;

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Free Stock Photos Sites


unsplash.com free stock photos
Unsplash Fashion Category

Unsplash is a popular free stock photo website with high-resolution images for nearly every niche. The Unsplash team carefully selects images from thousands of submissions from photographers and designers around the world. Unsplash has backings from popular people like Matt Mullenweg and Tobias Van Schneider.

Matt Mullenweg founder of WordPress has a stock photo collection on Unsplash.


Pexels.com free stock photos
Pexels happy stock photos

Pexels is another overtly popular free stock image website. Just like Unsplash, Pexels also handpicks images from multiple submissions of professional photographers and graphics designers daily.

Images on Pexels.com are also sourced from other free stock photo websites like Pixabay, Little Visuals and Gratisography.

Pexels is owned by Canva; an online graphic design tool.


Pixabay free stock photos
Pixabay.com Homepage

Pixabay is also owned by Canva. According to Wikipedia, Canva acquired Pixabay and Pexels in May 2019.

Pixabay has over one million free images without watermarks that you can use and edit for commercial and personal purpose. If you also need illustrations, vector images and free short videos, you can get them all on Pixabay without referencing the source or original creator.


Freestocks.org free stock photos
Freestocks.org Homepage

Just as the name implies, freestocks.org is another free stock photos website but a bit different from the rest.

Freestocks.org is owned by a team of three photographers who have a regular job and create stock photos in their free time. The images here are also quality and can be used for personal and commercial purpose.

There are seven main categories of photos on Freestocks.org namely; fashion, animals, city and architecture, food and drinks, nature, people, objects and technology.

So if you need free stock photos in these categories, you can check them out.


Stocksnap.io free stock photos
Stocksnap.io Homepage

Stocksnap.io is another popular choice. The site makes it easy for users to see the most popular searches, categories and trends. All photos on Stocksnap are free to use for personal and commercial purpose.

Iso Republic

Isorepublic free stock photos
Isorepublic Architecture Stock Photos

No. This is not the international standard organization (ISO). ISO is also a photography jargon. Enough said; Isorepublic.com curates a collection of nice-looking high-resolution images and videos for free and personal use.

At the bottom of the website, you can see trending photo categories other people have searched for.

Here’s a video I culled from the website.


PicJumbo free stock photos
PicJumbo Homepage

Picjumbo.com was founded by Victor Hanacek in 2013. This free website was created after the founder’s photos were rejected by regular free stock photo websites due to lack of quality.

But hey, that was prior to when this website was founded. Today, Picjumbo is one of the best free stock photo websites on the internet with an estimation of over six million downloads.

All photos on the website were taken by the founder and you will love them.

Note: Some of the images on these websites are large in size. If you want to use them on your website, you should read this article on how to compress images so that they won’t slow down your website.


Low-quality images make your websites or design less appealing. No matter how well scripted your content or layout is, your images are the first thing people would see when they check your site or designs.

You do not have to re-invent the wheel by taking your own photos. These websites above have HD quality photos you can use without facing any legal action from the original creator of the photo.


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