7 Best PDF Readers for Android – Download link available

PDF is the acronym for the word Portable Document Format. It is one of the formats used to present documents in digital format. In this post, you will get 7 free pdf readers for Android devices.

PDF readers were initially only available on desktops and laptops. With the widespread of mobile devices, we now have so many applications that let you read pdf books or documents on your Android device.

PDF readers are essential utility apps that everyone should have. Either you are a student or business person, you should have one of these apps in your device because you will need them someday if not most of the time.

Note: A PDF file always ends with a .pdf file extension. Anything beyond this is not a PDF file.

7 Free PDF Readers for Android Devices

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader has been around for ages. It is the most popular PDF reader in the market with over 100 million downloads. Some android phones already have Adobe Acrobat reader pre-installed as the default PDF reader. This PDF reader lets you store files on the Adobe document cloud and Dropbox.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader for Android is free to download and use but there are in-app purchases for some features. Features, like converting other documents to PDF or exporting other documents to pdf, requires a subscription which is either billed annually or monthly.

Download Acrobat PDF reader for Android here.

Google PDF viewer: Google PDF viewer is the official PDF reader from Google and it integrates right with Google Drive. Google PDF viewer has the same capabilities as a stand-alone app.

The Google PDF reader is totally free and does not require any in-app purchase. Though, the function of this app is limited compared to the Adobe Reader above. If you just want to use your device to view, print, search and copy text from pdf documents, then this PDF reader is best for you.

Note: Google PDF reader does not have an app launcher icon (no icon on your screen). The app launches when you open a PDF document from downloads or another app.

Download Google PDF viewer here

WPS Office: WPS Office is more like an office suite. It has a PDF reader, Word document, presentation and spreadsheet packed into one app.

The PDF reader on WPS office allows you to view and print PDF files, it does not allow you to copy, highlight or comment on the PDF files.

WPS office pdf reader has a mobile view feature. Activating this feature lets you swipe left or right to view more pages while reading. Though, more features might be added to this app in the future.

Download WPS Office PDF reader here

PDF EPUB reader Lirbi: This PDF reader is packed with lots of features and they are all free to use.

PDF EPUB reader supports the following document formats; PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, HTML, CBZ book.

This small but mighty PDF reader comes with the following features packed into one app;

  • Automated scrolling of documents while reading
  • Text to voice (you can listen instead of reading)
  • Finds all the books on your device and displays their covers
  • Different colours for day mode and night mode can be configured separately.
  • Ability to translate words, sentences in offline dictionaries or in online translators from the app.
  • Supports kindle books. Etc

This app is free to download and use but it contains ads. That shouldn’t be a problem with the lots of free features it offers.

Download EPUB reader Lirbi from here

PDF Reader by Pickwick Santa: This is another popular PDF reader with over 5 million downloads as at the time of publishing this post. PDF Reader by Pickwick Santa supports PDF, DjVu, XPS, comics book format (CBR and cbz), EPUB and RTF formats.

PDF Reader (Pickwick Santa) has a virtual bookshelf that displays all your books in a nice format.

PDF reader by Pickwick Santa also comes with lots of features, these features include;

  • Built-in file browser, quick recent books access
  • Text to Speech (TTS) support
  • Paperbook-like page-flipping animation or “sliding page” animation
  • Can read books in zip files
  • Export of bookmarks to a text file and lots more

If this app doesn’t rock, it won’t have over 5 million downloads and a 4.4 rating on the play store.

Download PDF reader by Pickwick Santa here.

Kdan PDF reader: PDF reader by Kdan is another free pdf reader available on the play store. This reader allows you to read, scan, highlight, annotate, and manage PDF documents on your Android device. It also lets you back up and shares files with your friends, family and colleagues via email and cloud storage services.

Kdan PDF reader supports 11 languages which include English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Korean, Portuguese and Japanese.

Download Kdan PDF reader from here

Foxit PDF Reader & Editor: Foxit PDF reader is an easy to use PDF reader that lets you view, add notes or comments and protect PDF files while on the go.

Foxit PDF reader has a feature called ConnectedPdf. This feature lets you share documents with friends and colleagues, it lets you know what they did with the document and at what time they did it. Watch the video below for better understanding.

Though this app is free to download and use if you want some added features like protecting PDF files with passwords or certificates and restricting operations on PDF files, you will need to pay for it.

Download Foxit PDF reader here

Did we miss any of your favourite PDF readers for Android, tell us about them in the comments.


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