7 Best Online Password Generators

Are you looking for the best online password generator to help you generate secure random passwords?

An online password generator will help you generate secure passwords that are hard to guess with ease.

In this article, we will show you the best online password generators that can help you generate secure passwords.

Why you Need an Online Password Generator

Every security expert would tell you not to use the same passwords for all your web accounts. The reason why this is so is to prevent hackers from hacking your account easily.

Verizon reported that over 80% of hacking-related breaches were caused by weak or stolen passwords.

Hackers can install malicious software like keyloggers to steal passwords from unsuspecting victims.

Sometimes, it may be a family member or friend that knows a lot about you and could want to pry into your private affairs.

The online password generators we are going to show you will generate random secure passwords for you and no one will be able to guess them.

Best Online Password Generators

1. LastPass

LastPass Online password generator

You may have seen the LastPass app on the Play store or Apple store but you probably didn’t know that LastPass has an online password generator.

Once, you get to the LastPass password generator website, you can customize how long you want your password to be.

You can select if you want your password to be pronounceable, easy to read and also if you want the password to be lowercased, uppercased or both.

The LastPass password generator website is easy to use. After your random password has been generated for you, you can copy it instantly.

One thing I like about the LastPass password generator is that it works like a password suite; it helps you generate a secure password and also helps keep the password in its encrypted mobile app.

2. Passwordgenerator.net

passwordgenerator.net online password generator

Passwordgenerator.net is another online password generator but not as easy-to-use as LastPass.

While LastPass can generate a maximum length of 50 characters, passwordgenerator.net can generate a maximum of 2048 characters.

Unbelievable right?

Although this online password generator can create very secure passwords, the interface is a bit complex with lots of options.

That should not scare you though, it is your password we are talking about here.

When you generate a password using passwordgenerator.net, the site gives you a hint that you could use to remember your password.

3. 1password.com

1password online password generator

1Password is a password manager that also has an online password generator tool on its website.

This secure password generator tool has fewer options to select from but it works perfectly fine.

On the websites, there are three kinds of passwords you can create; a random password, memorable password and pin.

The random option allows you to create a maximum of 100 random characters, the memorable option allows up to 15 characters while with the pin option, you can generate a maximum of 12 numbers.

1password generates the most memorable passwords. If you want a password that you can easily remember, then you should try the 1Password generator.

4. Norton Password Generator

Norton online password generator

Norton is not a new name in the online security niche. They have been around with the Norton Antivirus for ages. The Norton online password manager is easy to use

There are four combinations of password options to choose from but unfortunately, there is no option to generate memorable passwords.

The Norton online password generator can generate up to a maximum password length of 64 characters.

Just like LastPass and 1Password, Norton has its on Password manager app but they are not as popularly used like the aforementioned.

5. ExpressVPN Random Password

expressvpn online password generator

I guess you were surprised to see a VPN service make the list of best online password generator. Security is big issue online so every hand has to be on deck.

ExpressVPN is a company that offers a virtual private network service to users around the world. Recently, the company has added an online password generator tool to help users create secure random passwords online.

The ExpressVPN random password generator generates very complex passwords. It can generate up to a maximum of 50 character passwords.

This online password generator also shows a fun fact of how long it could take for the password to be cracked. This feature was added to encourage you to prefer lengthier characters.

You can also generate more than one password at the same time with this tool.

6. Strong Password Generator

Strong password generator is a simple online password generator tool that helps to generate unpronounceable passwords.

The team behind this app does not have its own password manager app; however they promote some password managers to earn a commission.

Strong passwords most times are passwords that cannot be pronounced and strong password generator was designed to generate those kind of passwords.

The maximum characters you can create with strong password generator is 32.

7. Random.org

Random.org is a multipurpose tool that can generate almost everything you could think of randomly.

You could use the list randomizer to automatically rearrange a list of names, emails, etc.

The Random.org online password generator can generate up to 100 different passwords at the same time. You can generate a password with a maximum of 24 characters.

There are no options to choose how you want the password to be formatted like the previous online password managers on the list.

How to Create Secure Passwords Online

We use and recommend the LastPass password generator. We will be showing you in brief how to use the LastPass password generator to create secure passwords online.

Visit the LastPass Password Generator page.

Set your password length and other preference using the options available.

Click on the generate icon till you find a suitable password. Once you are satisfied, click on the copy icon to copy your password.

Note: If you want a pronounceable password, make sure to tick “Easy to say” in the options available.

After you have created your password, you can use the LastPass password manager to store your passwords.

If you use Google Chrome, there is an inbuild password manager so you may not need another password manager to store your passwords.

When you enter a password on a website while using Google chrome, you will be prompted to save the password and username. If you click on save, the login details will be automatically saved to your Google account.

You can access all your saved passwords on Google at passwords.google.com.

We hope that you have learnt about the 7 best online password generators. You can check our article on how to check NTEL data balance.


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