Tailwind App: Instagram and Pinterest Scheduler

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The tailwind app is an Instagram and Pinterest scheduler that helps you schedule posts to these two platforms at the right time.

This article will teach you about the Tailwind app, how to use the app and various Tailwind app alternatives.

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What is the Tailwind App?

Tailwind is one of the best Instagram and Pinterest schedulers in the market. This tool is for content creators, E-commerce and other businesses that rely on Instagram and Pinterest to reach out to clients and customers.

With this tool, you can schedule a month of social media posts, plugin the right hashtags with the Tailwind hashtag finder feature and push out the contents on the scheduled day at a time that your audience is more likely to see them.

Tailwind uses artificial intelligence to determine the best times to post your content to either Pinterest or Instagram. All you need to do is to find time (a few minutes in a day) and schedule content and allow Tailwind to do the rest of the job.

The company behind Tailwind is an official Pinterest and Instagram partner. They follow all the rules on both platforms to make sure that your account does not violate any policy.

Features of Tailwind App

Features of Tailwind for Pinterest

1. Pinterest Scheduling.

As the name implies, this feature helps you to schedule content for your Pinterest with ease. You can schedule as many contents as you want in a day or a month. There is a drag and drop calendar that makes it easy for you to drag content to where it needs to be.

The app uses its algorithm to study reports in your Pinterest analytics and what is obtainable in your industry to recommend the best time of the day to publish content when pinners are actively engaged.

There is a browser extension that helps you schedule content on the go while browsing your favourite websites.

2. Tailwind create

Tailwind create is a social media graphic design tool that you can use to create your images for Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. You do not need to have the prior design knowledge to use this feature.

There are images here that are almost done, all you need to do is to drag a couple of text elements in the right places and publish them.

Before now, you had to download an image from a stock image download website then use a graphic design tool like Photoscape to add text and effects. You do not need to go through all that stress as you can complete the whole process inside the Tailwind create feature without opening a new tab.

Now you can design with confidence.

3. Pinterest analytics and reporting

You definitely want to see how your Pins are performing over time. This feature of the Tailwind app helps you to track key metrics like followers and engagement trends for repins and comments at the profile, board and individual pin level.

You can also track your best-performing pins to know which kind of content resonates with your audience the most.

Also connect your Google analytics and Omniture account to track your return on investments with metrics like visits, transactions and revenues.

It helps you to find out when your customers are most active. Pinterest analytics on the tailwind app also shows you an interest heatmap to make sure that you are focusing on the right content for your audience.

4. Pinterest monitoring and trends.

This feature allows you to monitor your competitors, your visitors and trends in your niche. You can find out how often people pin from your website, identify the most common keywords and topics used with your content to improve your Pinterest SEO.

You can use the feature to manage comments and conversations about your brands on Pinterest. You can manage virtually everything on Pinterest from the Tailwind app without going to Pinterest.

Monitor the latest pins in your niche in real-time. Also, find out the most clicked and the most engaging content in your niche.

With this feature, your competitor has nothing to hide.

5. Tailwind communities.

The Tailwind community is a Pinterest feature that helps you to connect, collaborate and grow with other Pinterest creators like you. 

Currently, Tailwind has more than 20,000 communities. You can join any of these communities to build relationships and get new ideas to grow your own Pinterest channel. There is a ranking system to see how influential each creator is on Pinterest.

With the tailwind communities, you can know which community has the best positive impact on you. You can also chat and share ideas with other Pinterest creators in your community. This will help you learn more and grow faster.

Features of Tailwind for Instagram

1. Instagram scheduling.

Tailwind has a bold claim that you can schedule a week’s contents in 15 minutes.

The Tailwind Instagram scheduler helps you to schedule content on Instagram within a short period of time. This feature comes with a bunch of other sub-features like smart schedule, hashtag finder and time-saving shortcuts.

While you are scheduling your posts, a list of hashtags that will match your post will be recommended. Each of these hashtags will display how many times they have been used in an Instagram post.

Also, you can automatically schedule the post to when your Instagram followers will engage with them the most.

2.Instagram planner.

This feature allows you to plan the look and feel of your Instagram page beforehand. You can organise a series of images in the Tailwind app and schedule them accordingly to create a jaw-dropping Instagram grid.

Tailwind also gives you the ability to schedule stories and multiple image posts with one click of the button.

Don’t know what to post? Tailwind comes with a personalized post inspiration feature that shows you inspiring example posts when you choose a theme.

You can also schedule your hashtags to appear in the first comment to keep your captions looking clean and sleek.

It is the way you wished Instagram posting worked.

3. Instagram post planner app.

Plan your Instagram posts while on the go. Tailwind has a mobile app that has all the features included in the web version of its Instagram planner feature. You can add create stunning Instagram posts while on transit, in a coffee shop.

The mobile app comes with the hashtag finder which lets you pick only the best hashtags suitable for your Instagram post.

On the Android app store, Tailwind has got over 10,000 plus downloads with a total of 149 reviews at the time of writing this content. Due to the reviews so far, the Instagram post planner app does not perform as great as its web counterpart.

4. Instagram hashtag finder.

A lot of influencers on Instagram second-guess the hashtags to use on their posts. Most times they use Instagram hashtags from competitors or tags that were trending as at the time they were about to post. Sometimes these hashtags do not go in line with the post, thereby bringing in irrelevant audiences.

The Instagram hashtag finder on the Tailwind app stops all that. This feature uses AI to scan through your post and recommends a list of active hashtags that you can pick from. It also shows you how popular the hashtags are.

You could also save your list of top-performing hashtags or consistent hashtags in your niche. This feature also allows you to automatically post hashtags in the first comment instead of the posts.

This feature alone can quadruple the effects of your Instagram marketing in no time.

5. Instagram analytics and reporting.

Track everything from the best post time, best hashtags, most popular Instagram content over time to well-detailed audience insights. This feature shows your important metrics in your whole Instagram marketing efforts.

Although Instagram comes with its own analytics feature, it does not come close to what is obtainable with the Tailwind app.

6. Smart bio

Instagram is a visual social media app that does not work well with links. When you share links on your Instagram content, Facebook limits the reach of your content. Also, links distort the appeal of your Instagram posts.

The Instagram bio section is the best bet to advertise whatever you have to sell to your audience. Since the bio section is limited to a few characters, you can use bio links to redirect your followers to a page that contains product links or contents

The smart bio feature lets you create a branded landing page and place the short link on your Instagram bio. 

7 Tailwind App Alternatives

1. Zoho social

Zoho Social is a popular social media management software that allows you to manage your Instagram, Facebook, Google my business, Twitter and Linkedin pages with ease. This tool is more versatile because you can integrate it with a host of other Softwares like the Zoho CRM, Zoho mail and Zoho Desk.

The major difference between Zoho Social and Tailwind is Pinterest scheduling. Zoho social does not have a Pinterest scheduling feature.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an all in one social media management tool that has the ability to manage more Social media pages than the Tailwind app. Hootsuite connects seamlessly with Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube.

Hootsuite’s business is majorly social media management but you can integrate it with other platforms like Shopify, Hubspot and Salesforce.

3. Buffer

Buffer is another popular social media management tool. Buffer and Hootsuite are more popular than the Tailwind app but the latter is cheaper to use. You can connect your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn pages to your Buffer account.

The Tailwind app excels above Buffer with its hashtag finder, smart schedule and pricing. Tailwind is way more cheaper than Buffer. 

4. Later

Later is a direct competitor to the Tailwind app because they have more similar features. Both Later and Tailwind allow you to integrate only Instagram and Pinterest. Both tools also have an Instagram bio short link; Tailwind has Smart.bio while Later has Linkin.bio.

Later also has the Instagram hashtag suggestion feature. You need to enter some Hashtags in your niche before Later can suggest other hashtags that you can use to promote your content on Instagram.

Both Tailwind and Later have a forever free plan, however, Later is cheaper to use than Tailwind.

5. Sendible

Sendible lets you connect with your team and clients to plan, post and measure content on the major social media platforms. Sendible supports Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google my business. 

Sendible has a content suggestion feature that recommends content for you to share with your audience. There is also an RSS feed feature that lets automatically share and draft relevant content.

In terms of pricing, The Tailwind app is cheaper than Sendible.

6. Viral woot

Just like the Tailwind app, Viral woot helps you to schedule content for Pinterest and Instagram only. However, Viral woot does not have as many features as the Tailwind app. There is an influencer score feature in Viral woot that shows you your Pinterest rankings based on your activities on Pinterest. These rankings are based on a calculation formula by Viral woot, they are not officially from Pinterest.

On the Viral woot standard plan, you can schedule up to 500 posts while the business plan allows you to schedule 5,000 posts. The standard plan costs $10 monthly and the business plan costs $49 monthly.

7. Social Pilot

Connect up to six social media accounts at a go with the Social Pilot social media tool. This tool allows you to connect your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google my business, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. You can manage all your accounts in a single dashboard. 

Social Pilot comes with a content suggestion feature that curates ready to share content, all you need to do is to add the content to your schedule and Social Pilot will share at the right time. You can manage all your Facebook and Instagram comments from one place.

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