7 Best Cheap Convertkit Alternatives

Are you looking for the best cheap Convertkit alternatives that are reliable and worth every penny?

Convertkit is a great email marketing tool for content creators. Every good thing comes with a price. However, you have your reasons for looking for cheap Convertkit alternatives.

In this article, we will show you the best alternatives to Convertkit, similar features and pricing.

cheap convertkit alternatives

Most of these tools have been tested by us and other internet marketers.

Before you begin to read about the Convertkit alternatives, you need to know what Convertkit is all about so that you will know what feature to look out for in the alternate email marketing services.

What is Convertkit?

Convertkit is an email marketing tool for creators. If you are a blogger, YouTuber or tutor looking for a simple email tool to send out emails to your audience, then convertkit is the perfect tool that you need.

The email templates on Convertkit are so simple. They are not fancy templates with lots of HTML, CSS and loads of images in them.

These kinds of templates (mentioned above) fit E-commerce stores.

The folks at Convertkit believe that Emails with lots of HTML and CSS in them end up going to either the promotion or Spam tab.

As a content creator, your mails should be simple and have one specific goal; to direct your audience form their email to where your content, service or product is located.

If you use Convertkit or any of the Convertkit alternatives in this post, your emails will look simple and hit the inbox of your subscribers most of the times compared to other email marketing platforms. 

Convertkit pricing starts from $29 per month for 1,000 subscribers. There is also a free plan that you can start with but the free plan is limited.

On the free Convertkit plan, you do not have access to the API feature but you get other basic things.

For small businesses that do not want to spend this much on an Email marketing tool, you can check the Convertkit alternatives that are half the price and does an excellent job.

7 Best Cheap Convertkit Alternatives

1. BirdSend

Just imagine that Convertkit was an English word and you went to Google and searched for “the synonym of convertkit” The definite answer you will get from Google would be Birdsend.

Birdsend is an email marketing service designed for content creators. It is boldly stated on the homepage of Birdesend.

Birdsend allows you to send plain emails without fancy HTML templates. The emails look like you sent them directly from your Gmail or Yahoo account.

Features of Birdsend

There are lots of similarities that Birdsend has with convertkit. Here are some of them;

Unlimited Sending

Once you pay for your monthly Birdsend plan, you can send as many messages as you want to your list. Some email marketing platforms allow only a limited number of sends per month (e.g Mailchimp).

Subscriber Based Pricing

Birdsend and Convertkit charge you based on the number of confirmed contacts in your email list. The more subscribers you get, the more money your pay.

Just like convertkit, Birdsend will not charge you for unconfirmed subscribers.

Convertkit charges 29$ per month for 0-1000 subscribers while Birdesend charges 9$ per month for 1,000 subscribers.

If you choose the yearly plan of Birdsend, you will get more discounts.


Birdsend has a feature that lets you automate an email sequence but this feature is not as appealing or advanced as the convertkit automation feature.

On birdsend, you can create an action to trigger when someone clicks a link, opens an email, doesn’t open an email, subscribe to a sequence, purchased a product e.t.c

With the Birdsend Zapier integration, there is a lot of possibilities with Birdsend.

Offer Content Upgrades Easily

If you are a creator looking to increase your email subscribers through content upgrades then Birdsend can do this for you easily. You can create a new form in birdsend, enable double opt-in and attach a PDF in the confirmation link.

When a subscriber enters their email in content upgrade form, they get access to the PDF file or content you have created.

Delivers to Inbox

Birdsend has a high success rate of delivering to the subscribers’ inbox rather than the promotions tab. As much as you do not use spam triggers in your email headline, you have 98% chances of your email going direct to the inbox.

Birdsend Vs Convertkit Pricing

1,000 Contacts = 9$/month1,000 contacts = 29$/month
2,500 Contacts = 14$/month3,000 contacts = 49$/month
5,000 Contacts = 19$/month5,000 contacts = 79$/month
10,000 contacts = 29$/month10,000 contacts = 119$/month
50,000 Contacts = 109$/month55,000 contacts = 379$/month

2. Sendy

Sendy is a server-based email marketing services that make use of Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) API to send mails.

You have to install this tool on your web server before it can work. After the installation, you need to create an Amazon SES account and connect it to Sendy.

When you want to send an email, you visit https://yourdomain.com/sendy.

Features of Sendy

Drag and Drop Email Builder

Sendy has a drag and drops email builder that lets you build HTML and non HTML emails. If you have used Mailchimp before, you will easily get used to the Sendy email designer.

One Time Fee

The Sendy email marketing service costs a one-time fee of 69$. Once you have purchased Sendy, the only thing you will keep paying for is the Amazon simple email service. With Amazon SES, you can send to 10,000 subscribers for 1$.

Email Automation

This Convertkit alternative lets you automate emails too but it is not as powerful as the Convertkit automation features.

On Sendy, you can automate a series of emails to send at a specific time and date to keep your subscribers engaged.

List Segmentation

List segmentation is a feature that lets you send targeted emails to your subscribers. If you have a set of subscribers that are interested in insurance and another set are interested in investments, you need to craft different emails for these two different audiences as both of them may not be interested in the same offers.

SendylList segmentation feature helps you separate them based on conditions that you define.

White Label Client Accounts

With this feature, you can start your email marketing service. You can install Sendy on your server and give access to clients to manage their lists and send emails through your platform.

You can set different monthly sending limits for each client.

This feature is best for you if you have clients that need a basic email sending tool. Convertkit does not have this feature.

Sendy Vs Convertkit Pricing

$69 one time fee for Sendy softwareNo one time fee
$1 for 10,000 emails (Amazon SES)$119 for 10,000 emails

3. Getresponse

Getresponse is not a new name in the email marketing scene. The company claims it has more than 350,000 customers in 183 countries. Getresponse has been around for more than 15 years.

Unlike convertkit that was created for content creators alone, Getresponse was designed to serve anyone interested in sending customised emails in bulk.

Due to Getresponse mission to satisfy everyone, there are loads of features available for different professions.

If you are new to email marketing, it may take you some time to learn how Getresponse works. Again, this is another feature that Convertkit excels at; you can signup and begin to send emails immediately. Convertkit has a content-creator-friendly interface.

Features of Getreponse

In this part of the article, we will only share features of Getresponse that are useful to content creators.

Email Designer

Getresponse email designer can be used to build from simple to advanced email newsletters. You can create simple email newsletters that are free of HTML codes. Getresponse emails are mobile friendly; you can preview how your emails will look like in your subscribers mailbox before sending them.

Countdown Timer

The countdown feature allows you to add countdown timers inside your email. To add this feature on Convertkit, you will need an external service that can help you create countdown timers inside an email.


Every good email marketing service comes with an autoresponder but not all autoresponders are equal. Getresponse autoresponder feature is versatile as there are lots of tweaks that come with it.

Combined with the powerful email designer, countdown timer and other marketing features enabled in Getresponse, you will be able to send marketing emails that convert.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are emails that deliver when a transaction has been made. For example, someone buys a physical book on your website, a receipt and order confirmation will be sent to them to confirm the purchase.

When the book is shipped, your customer could get notifications informing him/her of the progress of the delivery.

Convertkit does not have this feature integrated into it.

Automation Flows

Automation flows enhance email marketing and frees up a lot of time for the creator. Automation flows are prebuilt templates with configurations on what to do after a certain action has occurred.

For example, someone joins your list through a form that you created for people who want to lose weight. Your automation flow can automatically add them to a tag and subscribe them to a sequence to market your weight loss product to them.

When the subscriber eventually buys the product, they can be automatically removed from the evious tag and sequence.tag or segment and stop receiving emails promoting the same product they have already bought.

Without this feature, you will have to do everything manually.

Convertkit’s automation is easier to set up than Convertkit.

Getresponse Vs Convertkit Pricing

1,000 contacts = $15/month1,000 contacts = $29/month
2,500 contacts = $25/month3,000 contacts = $49/month
5,000 contacts = $45/month5,000 contacts = $79/month
10,000 contacts = $65/month10,000 contacts = $119/month
50,000 contacts = $250/month50,000 contacts = $379/month

4. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is a Lithuania based email marketing service with most of it’s workforce working remotely from different parts of the world. Although, Mailerlite is not a content creator centric email marketing platform like convertkit, it has solutions that can work for content creators.

Mailerlite allows users to build HTML and non-html email messages.

Features of Mailerlite

Drag and Drop Builder

You do not need to hire a designer to create an email templates for you. Mailerlite has an extensive drag and drop email builder that lets you build beautiful and simple emails for your subscribers.

The email builder is easy to to understand. 

Website Builder

Don’t have a website? Mailerlite has got you covered. The website builder feature lets you to desing full websites without buying web hosting or hiring a designer. You can easily drag and drop elements, change colours and add html codes to any part of the page.

This feature comes at an additional cost of 10$ per month.


Mailerlite’s automation has almost the same look and feel as convertkit. The visual automation builder allows you to design automations and configure what happens when a particular action has been taken by the subscriber.

Deliver by Time Zone

Do you have subscribers who live in different timezones? Mailerlite allows you to send or schedule emails at the right time to your subscribers irrespective of the time zone they are. In most email marketing platforms, if you set an email to send out by 8am, the mail will get delivered at a different time to a subscriber living in a different time zone; Mailerlite solves this problem.

Plus, you also get a real-time map report showing the number of openings you got in a particular country.


With Mailerlite, you can survey your subscribers or send them a questionnaire right inside their email inbox. This feature lets you get valuable feedback from your subscribers. If you want to do this on Convertkit, you will need a third party tool to make it possible.

Mailerlite Vs Convertkit Pricing

1,000 contacts = $10/month1,000 contacts = 29$/month
2,500 contacts = $15/month3,000 contacts = 49$/month
5,000 contacts = $30/month5,000 contacts = 79$/month
10,000 contacts = $50/month10,000 contacts = 119$/month
50,000 contacts = $210/month55,000 contacts = 379$/month

5. Sendx.io

Sendx is an affordable email marketing solution for businesses, marketers and professional bloggers. Every plan of Sendx comes with an unlimited sending capability. 

Features of Sendx

Free Responsive Email Templates

With Sendx, you can send both simple and beautiful looking HTML emails without knowing any line of code. Sendx HTML emails are responsive plus, you can build them using the drag and drop email builder.

If you are short of design ideas, you can grab one of the prebuilt templates.

Click Heat Map

This feature gives you a visual view of the links subscribers are clicking in your emails and how many times they got clicked. You can use this feature to know which kind of campaigns are working for you and where to place your links to get maximum clicks.

Optimized Delivery

Sendx optimizes your email campaigns based on 30 different parameters like timezone, email client, ISP, past open behaviours etc. If you use the right headlines, your emails will be delivered directly to the subscriber’s inbox and not promotions or spam.

Sendx Vs Convertkit Pricing

1,000 contacts = $9.99/month1,000 contacts = $29/month
2,500 contacts = $19.99/month3,000 contacts = $49/month
5,000 contacts = $39.99/month5,000 contacts = $79/month
10,000 contacts = $59.99/month10,000 contacts = $119/month
50,000 contacts = $229.99/month55,000 contacts = $379/month

6. Sendgrid

Sendgrid is a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) service that allows anyone or email marketing service to connect to its API and send emails at very cheap rates. Sendgrid was acquired by Twillio for a deal worth 3 billion dollars in February 2019.

There are some email marketing services that utilize the Sendgrid SMTP service.

Although Sendgrid is a cheap and very reliable service, it is not easy to configure. 

If you love the simplicity of how Convertkit email templates look like, then you will also like this cheap Convertkit alternative because it has the same look.

As an SMTP service, there are not many fancy features to enjoy.

However, here are some features to take note of;

Features of Sendgrid

96% Deliverability

Sendgrid excels with its delivery rates. Email companies like gmail, yahoo, outlook etc, trust emails coming from Sengrids server.

Once you sign up on Sendgrid, you will be placed on a shared IP with other users. If the users you are paired with are spamming with Sendgrid, this will affect your reputation. You can decide to get a dedicated IP for sending your mails. This way, you are solely responsible for your email reputation.

Email Testing

This feature allows you to preview how your emails will look like in the subscribers inbox. You can also conduct spam testing and link validation so that you know everything is in place before you hit the send button.

Email Automations

Sendgrid allows you to create email automations and workflows.

Sendgrid (Essentials)Convertkit
1,000 contacts = $14.95/month1,000 contacts = 29$/month
2,500 contacts = $14.95/month3,000 contacts = 49$/month
5,000 contacts = $14.95/month5,000 contacts = 79$/month
10,000 contacts = $14.95/month10,000 contacts = 119$/month
50,000 contacts = $14.95/month55,000 contacts = 379$/month

7. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all in one marketing platform. You can send emails, SMS,and chat with customers all from one dashboard. Sendgrid also offers a customer relationship management tool, transaction emails and launch Facebook ads right from your Sendinblue account.

Features of Sendinblue


If you need a CRM tool included in your business or service, Sendinblue has got your covered. You can send emails and manage your customer details without paying for a different tool. This feature helps you to centralize customers’ information, know all the emails they have gotten from you over time, stay on track and never miss a marketing opportunity.

Convertkit has a feature that shows you the activities of each subscriber but it is nothing compared to a full blown customer relationship manager.

Live Chat

This cheap convertkit alternative has a live chat feature that you can install on your website. Sendinblue live chat is easy to install and it can be configured to store information from the live chat to the CRM manager.

You can see the pages your customers are currently on while chatting with you. You can also assign different conversations to people in your team.

Transaction Email

Send receipts, order notifications, receipts etc directly from Sendinblue. The transaction email feature comes with a drag and drop builder that can be used to customize how the emails look like.

You can also monitor the performance of your transactional emails with use.

Sendinblue has a high deliverability rate so you are certain that your emails will reach the subscribers inbox.

Convertkit does not offer transactional email services.


SMS get’s more open rates than emails. As a creator, you can use this service to your advantage. Sendinblue has an SMS feature integrated in it. You can use this feature to send time sensitive updates or setup transactional SMS for order confirmations, shipping updates etc.

Sendinblue Vs Convertkit Pricing

1,000 contacts = $25/month1,000 contacts = 29$/month
2,500 contacts = $25/month3,000 contacts = 49$/month
5,000 contacts = $25/month5,000 contacts = 79$/month
10,000 contacts = $25/month10,000 contacts = 119$/month
50,000 contacts = $54/month55,000 contacts = 379$/month

Which Cheap Convertkit Alternative is the Best?

If you are looking for an email service that is very similar to Convertkit but cheaper, then you should go for Birdsend.

Birdsend has every feature Convertkit has and a similar interface too.

You can do everything that Convertkit can do with Birdsend.

Convertkit has a nicer visual appeal than Birdsend but the pricing for Birdsend compensates for its shortfall.

Birdsend has stated that it may increase its price as time goes on but earlybird users will be able to lock on the old pricing.

This means if you sign up for a Birdsend account now, you will keep paying the old pricing which is very affordable.

We hope you enjoyed our article on 7 best cheap Convertkit alternatives for content creators. You can also check out our article on how to claim your website on Pinterest and How to track emails.

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