How to Resize Photos Using Photoscape

Photoscape is one great photo editing software that is underrated. This simple software can do a lot of photo editing in the simplest form. Apart from using Photoscape to create GIF pictures, I also use Photoscape to resize images.


Although, other photo editing softwares like Photoshop can be used to resize photos, Photoscape does it in the easiest way.

It is quite easy for a rookie graphic artist to resize photos.

In this article, I will show you how to resize any picture on your computer using the Photoscape picture editing software.

Why PhotoScape?

Photoscape allows you to resize images offline so you don’t need internet data to do this. It is the easiest drag and drop photo resizing software you will find on the internet.

It does not contain ads like online photo resizing websites.

In fact, the software is free to download and free to use. No need searching the whole internet for a serial key or cracked version.

How to Resize Photos Using PhotoScape

Download Photoscape for free from the official website if you do not already have it.

Open the software and click on the Editor tab.


Locate the file directory or folder that contains the image you want to resize.


Click on the image you want to resize.


Photoscape allows you to either resize automatically by selecting some predefined pixel sizes or entering the pixel size you want manually.

You should already have a pixel size in mind before resizing.

Click on the resize button drop down menu and select from the list of pixel sizes you want.


Or you could enter the exact pixel size you want manually by clicking on the resize button.


Untick “preserve aspect ratio” if necessary and enter the pixel size of your choice.

You can always undo if you are not satisfied with the results you are getting.

Photoscape allows you to increase or reduce the picture quality before saving. Reducing or increasing the picture quality will obviously affect the file size of the image.

While resizing, if there’s any part of the image you want to crop out; do not hesitate to use the crop function.

Click on “crop”. Move your mouse to the point where you want to crop from and drag to the end.

When you are done resizing your photo, click on the save button to save the photo on your computer.

After saving, Photoscape creates a backup of the original image in a folder on your computer (This is optional). So in case you still want the original image back, you can get it from the “originals” folder.


Have you used any resizing tool that is better than this? Let’s see it in the comment section.


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