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    1. Hi Hans-Jürgen, It’s true that you can use a Lesotho PayPal account without VPN but there has been cases where PayPal limits an account because they suspect some fraudulent activities on the account due to the I.P address.

  1. Thanks for this information, it really helpful
    Sir can I get ur Whatsapp number or email address?

  2. I have a verified nigerian business PayPal account. I’d like to use it for my biz website as a payment gateway to collect payments.
    Now my question is how do I withdraw the funds from my business paypal account?
    Since paypal allows biz accounts in Nigeria would I be able to withdraw directly instead of using exchangers in Nigeria?

    1. You can withdraw from your PayPal account by connecting a UBA Africard. Visit any United Bank of Africa Branch and request for an Africard, you need to go with your means of identity and utility bill.

      Once you have gotten the card, connect it to your PayPal account and you are good to go.

      1. You have really done a wonderful job in your expository article as well as response to the inquiries. However I have a question: with Nigerian business PayPal account, can I send funds or pay bills on Etsy?

  3. Thanks Sir, for the write-up. Quite informative. My question stems from your write-up on “PayPal Nigeria Individual Account” which states “……..but you cannot receive money from anyone”. Does this imply that one cannot get paid for online tasks requiring paymets be made through pay-pal, or you meant one could be paid but cannot cash-out such payments from the “accounts”?.

    1. It depends on the PayPal account you open. A Dubai and Lesotho PayPal account allows you to send and receive money.

      1. Thanks for the reply. My question simply is can money be paid into one’s Nigerian PayPal Account even if one cannot withdraw from it.

        Thanks again.

        1. Yes, you can receive money from a Nigerian business PayPal account but you can only receive it via your website. This means nobody can send you money directly from PayPal unless they purchase something from you on your website.

  4. Thank you so much Chris for this expository article. I need a PayPal account to receive payments from affiliate marketing networks based in the USA. I currently have a verified Personal Paypal account which I opened here in Nigeria. I just discovered that I cannot use it to receive payments hence, following your guide, I intend opening a Business PayPal account. However, I have some questions.

    1. Can I link the Visa debit card for my personal bank account to the new PayPal Business I am about to open? As in will it work?

    2. Is it compulsory that the name on my CAC certificate be same with the name on the Visa debit card which I will link to the PayPal business account?

    3. When is the right time to get the UBA Africard with which I will be able to withdraw my payments. Is it BEFORE or AFTER opening the PayPal business account?

    4. Since the affiliate networks are not buying from my WEBSITE but are actually sending me payments, Can they still be able to pay me my commissions using the PayPal business account details I am about to open?

    5. With a dollar denominated domiciliary account, having a Visa Credit card attached to the domiciliary account, can it be used to withdraw from my PayPal business account? Or it just has to be that UBA Africard that can be used for withdrawal?

    Please pardon me for my numerous questions. I look forward to reading your reply.

    Thanks a lot. Cheers.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment Uche.

      If you open a Nigerian Business PayPal account, you cannot use it to receive commissions from affiliate networks. A Nigerian Paypal account only lets you receive money through your own website.

      Your best bet is to open a Dubai PayPal account and subscribe for a dedicated VPN. I recommend the services of IJAM Exchange for this, they can also help you open a PayPal account and you can get back to them if you have any issues with your account.

      You can get the UBA Africard before or after you open the account.

      Hope this helps you.

  5. I open a Lesotho PayPal business account in Nigeria can I get pay through affliate marketing from my website ??
    And also can I add my access Bank credit card for payment

    1. Yes, you can use it to receive payments from Affiliate networks and you can also add your Access Visa card.

  6. Please I opened a Nigerian personal PayPal so as to be able to send money abroad. But I need clarification if there’s limit to amount I can send. Cos I’m sending to pay for goods and it’s gonna be a day to day transaction. Thank as you give response.

    1. Nigerian PayPal account work with your debit card, when you ant to send money, PayPal deducts the money from your bank through your debit card.

      There is no limit from PayPal’s end. However, the debit card you connect to PayPal matters. Some banks have lower limits.

      1. Please how do I contact you personally I need your help. I’m having issues with my paypal and I need it for my work. Been stranded for weeks now. Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. Since PayPal restrict Nigeria from receiving money. Please, am opening a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria , and am into freelancer job, if I recieve the US dollar money on my cash board for survey work done, and I want to withdraw the money being converted to naira to my Nigeria bank account using my debit card. How am going to recieve the and collect the money on my bank account?

    1. Some Nigerian users have been able to withdraw by connecting the UBA Africard. However, I cannot guarantee that this method will keep working for a long time. The best way to withdraw your PayPal funds is to sell to other users or PayPal exchangers.

  8. Hi Chris, thank you so much for the detailed post. As a Merch on Etsy/ Amazon, that is registered as an individual and not a company, how can I bypass the CAC details if I want to open a Nigerian Business PayPal account?

    You mentioned that it’s important to fill in your business name as it appears on your CAC form, how can I by pass this if I don’t have a registered business, but offer serves on Etsy, Amazon etc.

    Thank you.

  9. Thank you for this deatiled guide, i have followed your steps but keep getting stock at the zip code for opening a business account, it keeps telling me invalid zip code, I have used
    23401, 00176, 11001, 500001, and I have run out of options,

    please what I’m I doing wrong?

  10. Hi Chris, thanks for your awesome post. I have a working UAE paypal, do you think it is advisable to add my Nigerian number to the account? I registered it with a fake UAE number. I’m concerned especially because of The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a new European Union directive that might make PayPal require you get verified through your mobile number.

    1. It is better to use your Nigerian phone number because you may be asked to verify your phone number as security measures by PayPal since you used a fake number.

  11. Good morning,Please how do I set my Average transaction price on PayPal lesotho account? I tried doing this but it’s not showing on the page i am suppose to perform this action.I want to know if paypal has edited and updated this on their webpage/if i really need to set the Average transaction price.

  12. Hello 👋. Thank you for this informative piece. I tried opening an account using the Lesotho link you shared, but I am stocked at Country/phonenumber. It is not possible to use Lesotho as your country, without using a Lesotho phone number. I would like to ask, if I change country to Nigeria and also use a Nigerian phone number, will I still be able to receive payment?

  13. Hi Chris.
    Please I need to open a PayPal account. I’m a freelancer . Payment for some jobs are only paid into PayPal account. I have domiciliary account and Visa card(dollar) with Gtbank. Can I use this card for opening an account? How do I really do the opening of the PayPal account?

    1. I haven’t tried the cards you mentioned but I think they should work. I verified mine with Zenith Bank’s Mastercard.

  14. I don’t have international passport,
    Please can I open foreign PayPal account without international passport?
    Pls whatsapp me:081233500**

    1. Bluehost can do a direct deposit to your domiciliary account if you earn huge amounts of money from their affiliate programme. You can contact the Bluehost affiliate customer care support.

  15. Hi
    Ok plz how can I receive payment from an online survey paid site directly to my personal PayPal n transfer to my local bank account please m living in Nigeria..what should I do ?

  16. Hello bro

    I opened a UAE PayPal account and tried linking my AccessBank dollar card, but got the notification that my account had been temporarily restricted because there seemed to be some suspicious activity.

    I was then required to upload an ID to resolve the issue which I did.

    What could be responsible for this?

    Could it be because I used a UAE billing address?

    Or the fact I didn’t use a UAE VPN?

    I’ve got friends who opened theirs similarly without the use of a VPN and it works just fine.

    Could it also be because I started the process on chrome on my computer but completed it on the same browser on my mobile phone?

    I had to do this because I got a forbidden error message while trying to set it up on my PC.

    Now I’m worried because even though I uploaded the document ( NIN Slip ) as required, the address on it is Nigerian while I’ve got a UAE billing address on PayPal.

    I know people who set up their accounts in the same way without issues.

    Why is my account flagged so early?

    Warm regards

    1. PayPal bots flag accounts when they suspect anything suspicious for security reasons. Your UAE billing address is not an issue. It’s possible your IP address changed when you changed your device.

      For now, just wait for a response from Paypal.

      The response will determine your next line of action.

  17. Am having issues with linking my prepaid uba afri card…declining on web on the app it says we cannot complete transaction at this time…am just fed up.

  18. Please my uba prepaid afri card international high get decline try another payment method but on the PayPal app i get transaction cannot be completed at this time am frustrated and fed up HELP!

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