How to Link Facebook Account to Twitter

New social media websites are created once in a while. As a social media addict or someone whose job is to update a companies social media pages, you need to keep all these social media pages up to date.

It is only wise to use tools to make this job easier. There are tools that can be used but some of them are paid tools.

Statistics show that Facebook is more popular than Twitter. As a result, people spend more time on Facebook than on Twitter.

Below is an image from Alexa showing the average time spent on both websites.

Facebook Stats
Twitter Stats

What Happens When You Link Facebook to Twitter?

When you link your Facebook account to Twitter, your Facebook status, photos, videos etc are duplicated to your Twitter account as you post them.

The previous things you have updated won’t show up except the new things you post after linking.

Although, you can choose the kind of updates you want to be duplicated on Twitter.

Follow me as I show you how to link or connect your Facebook account to Twitter.

How to Link Facebook to Twitter

Facebook has already made this easy by creating an official Facebook to Twitter linking platform on Facebook.

  1. Login to your Facebook account at
  2. Once logged in, visit
  3. Click the “Link to Twitter” button next to the Facebook profile you want to link.
  4. You will be directed to a new page to Authorize the app. Follow the process to authorize the app.

If everything went as expected, you have successfully linked your Facebook account to Twitter.

Facebook will now automatically post your latest status updates to Twitter.

You can select the kind of status you want Facebook to share. For example, if you don’t want your Facebook video updates to appear on Twitter, you can edit this through settings.

Here’s how to do it;

  1. Visit
  2. Locate the Facebook profile you linked to Twitter.
  3. Under the profile, click on settings.
  4. Tick and un-tick the options available to your satisfaction.
  5. Save Changes.

Note that; Only status updates that are set to public will be re-posted on Twitter. If status updates are not public, you can change them by accessing the Facebook privacy settings.

How to Unlink Facebook from Twitter

Facebook shares the status with a link back to Facebook. This feature may not be attractive to some users.

If you are not satisfied with the way the status is updated on Twitter, you can unlink Facebook from Twitter immediately.

  1. Visit
  2. Locate the profile or page you want to unlink from Twitter.
  3. Below the profile, click on unlink.

You have successfully revoked the app access. Facebook will no longer post to Twitter.


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