How to Register for Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Are you searching for how to register for Zenith Bank internet banking services so that you can perform transactions online?

In this article, we will show you how to register for Zenith Bank internet banking.

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What is Zenith Bank Internet Banking?

Zenith Bank is one of the biggest banks in Nigeria with millions of customers. Most of Zenith Bank’s customers are subsidiaries of multinational organizations and indigenous companies.

The Zenith Bank internet banking service allows Zenith Bank customers to perform a whole lot of banking transactions online without going to the banking hall.

Although, Zenith bank branches are not as busy as Guaranty Trust Banks’ you do not want to waste time driving all the way to a Zenith branch to perform a transaction you can do from home or office.

Features of the Zenith Bank Internet Banking Service

Zenith internet banking comes with a lot of benefits. It saves you a lot of time and stress doing basic to advance banking transactions online.

In this part of the article, we will show you some of the Features of the Zenith internet banking service.


Anything that has to do with keeping money has to be secure right? The internet banking service of Zenith Bank is so secure that you will need a Zenith hardware token to authenticate every transaction.

You will have to combine a secret four-digit pin and a six-digit code generated from the token to approve your transactions. This means that if your Zenith hardware token device gets stolen and the thief knows your account number, without the pin, the thief does not still have access to your bank account.

Create Virtual Card

Once you have access to internet banking, you can create a Zenith virtual card for yourself.

The virtual card allows you to create an imaginary MasterCard or visa card in your Zenith account. After creating the card, you will get the card number, expiry date and CVV.

This card can only be used for online transactions.

You can fund the card with only the amount of money you need to buy items online at a specific time. This way, your account balance is safer from online frauds.

Hotlist Debit Cards

If your Debit card gets stolen, you can quickly login to your internet banking and block the card from being used to withdraw money or buy items online.

You can reactivate your card if you find it later or just request for a new one.

Update BVN Phone Number

If you have changed the phone number you used to register your BVN, you can use the Zenith internet banking service to update the phone number online.

Transfer Money

This is most used feature. With the Zenith Bank internet banking service, you can transfer money to any bank in Nigeria.

Zenith bank transfers are also fast and reliable.

Print Account Statement

This service also allows you to download your statement of account for free. You can either download as PDF or microsoft excel.

Please note that the Zenith bank statement of account that you will get through internet banking is quite different from what you will get in the banking hall.

Request for Loans

If you qualify for loans, Zenith bank will allow you to apply for loans via the internet banking platform.

The loan will reflect in your account balance if the loan is approved.

Pay for Remita Dues

Remita is the official payment gateway of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Remita has also partnered with major banks in Nigeria in a way that customers of various banks can pay for Remita dues via their respective banks.

It is very easy to pay for Remita dues on the Zenith Bank internet banking platform.

Create a Savings Goal/Target

Do you have a specific goal you want to save for? Maybe house rent, a vacation or a wedding?

With the Zenith bank internet banking service, you can save for any purpose on a frequent basis.

How to Register for Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Unlike the GTBank internet banking where you can complete the registration online, you will have to visit the banking hall to complete your Zenith bank internet banking registration.

However, you can start the process online and go to the bank to finish the remaining part.

Follow the simple step below to start the Zenith internet banking registration.

Step 1: Download the Zenith bank internet banking form.

There are two different kinds of internet banking forms; the personal and the corporate internet banking form.

Use the appropriate link to download below;

Step 2: Download the service Agreement form.

Click here to download the Zenith internet banking service agreement form.

Step 3: Print the downloaded forms and fill them appropriately.

Go to a cyber cafe to print if you do not have a printer at home.

print the form accordingly and sign in the right places.

Step 4: Take the form to a Zenith Bank Branch to submit.

Zenith bank claims that you can mail the forms to any of their branches nationwide but your best bet would be to submit it by yourself to any Zenith bank branch close to you.

After submission, you will be given a date to come back for your internet banking credentials.

This usually takes 24-48 hours (working days)

Step 5: Go back to the same branch to get your login credentials.

Visit the same Zenith bank branch where you submitted your forms to collect your Zenith bank internet banking login credentials.

Step 6: Pay for your Zenith Bank Token device (not compulsory).

If you requested for a hardware token device, you have to pay the sum of 3,500 Naira.

Zenith bank also has an Electronic token app that does the same job as the hardware token, we think the hardware token is more secure since it is an actual device separate from your mobile device.

Step 7: Activate your Token Device or App.

Whichever version of the token device that your choose, hardware or soft token, you will have to activate the device before you can use it.

We have written a detailed report on how to activate the Zenith Bank token device here.

How to Login to Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Now that you have completed your internet banking registration, the next thing you may want to do is to login and begin to use the service immediately.

In this part of the article, we will show you how to login to the Zenith internet banking service.

Step 1: Visit the Zenith internet banking login page here.

Or use this link

Step 2: Choose how you want to login.

There are two options to choose from. You can choose to login with your Zenith internet banking password or pin+token.

zenith bank internet banking login

For security reasons, the pin+token is the most secure option.

If this is your first attempt to login, you will find your password on the welcome letter (inside the envelope you got from the bank).

Also, if this is your first time logging in, you may be prompted to change your password.

Step 3: Enter your Account number and password or pin+token.

If you chose to login with pin and token, you have to enter your pin and six-digit code generated by the token. Add the pin and token code together without leaving any space.

For example, if your pin is 2020 and the six-digit code from your token device is 435689, you will enter the code like this 2020435689.

Please note that token codes expire after a while. Once it expires, you have to generate a new one to login.

Step 4: Click login to access the Zenith internet banking service.

Sometimes, you may have issues while trying to login.

When you experience this issue, you can either use incognito mode or use another web browser.

We hope that you have learnt how to register for the Zenith Bank internet banking service. You may also see our article on how to get a Zenith Bank loan and how to loan money from Branch.

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