How to Post on Instagram from Desktop (3 Methods)

Are you looking for how to post on Instagram from desktop or your laptop?

Instagram works on both mobile phones and computers but there’s a little problem; You can’t upload pictures on Instagram through a computer. However, there are different ways to go about it.

In this article, you will learn how to post on Instagram from desktop. This method is still working in 2021.

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Why can’t I post on Instagram from desktop?

There could be many reasons for this but Facebook, the owners of Instagram has not come out to say why. The possible reasons are;

You take more pictures with your phone

When was the last time you used a camera to take pictures? It’s been aeons I guess; unless you are a professional photographer. Facebook knows that more people use phones to take pictures than a camera hence they made Instagram a mobile-centric application. So, it makes more sense for Facebook to remove certain features from the desktop.

You spend more time on your phone

Statistics have proven that more of the world’s population spends more time on their mobile phones than a computer. You can use your phone while on the move, on a bus, while skating, etc but PC’s are used in fewer instances. Also, more people have phones compared to personal computers.

It’s all about the data

Do you know that Facebook tracks how often you use other apps and the features you use most on these apps? This helps them to clone these features into any similar Facebook product. It is a fact that we use more mobile apps than we use computer software. Through the help of cross-app communications in smartphones, Facebook can know your location (GPS), your frequent contacts, your most visited places.

This helps the platform to serve you relevant ads and also improve user experience on any Facebook product.

Why should you learn this?

There are many reasons why you should learn how to post on Instagram from desktop. Some reasons are;

You are a professional photographer who uses Instagram to take snapshots with a DSLR camera, edit the photo on a laptop computer or desktop then move the photo to a mobile phone before uploading it on Instagram. With this newfound knowledge, you can upload photos with your desktop computer immediately after editing them.

Or you are working with your desktop and you do not want to pick up your smartphone at the moment.

Whatever your reasons are, they are valid :).

There are three ways to post on Instagram from desktop using any of the methods below;

  1. Install Desktopify.
  2. Switching to developer mode on Google Chrome or Opera mini.
  3. By using an Android emulator.

How to Post on Instagram from Desktop using Desktopify

Desktopify is a Google Chrome extension that gives you the mobile app view of Instagram while browsing on your desktop. Before now, this extension was called Desktop for Instagram before it was disabled from the Google Chrome extension market probably due to sanctions from Facebook. The extension maker has since renamed the extension to Desktopify in other not to violate any Facebook legal rights.

There is an unofficial Google Chrome Instagram extension that supports uploading of photos to Instagram via computer.

Step 1: Install Desktopify Browser Extension

If your favourite browser is Google Chrome, install the Desktopify extension on your Google Chrome browser. After you have installed the extension, it will appear on your Google Chrome toolbar with a D icon.

If you use Opera mini, you have to install Chrome extensions first. This extension will allow you to install Google Chrome extensions on Opera Mini. After installing Chrome extensions on your Opera mini browser, you can now install the Desktopify extension on Opera mini.

Step 2: Click on the Desktopify Icon

Click on the Desktopify icon on the Google Chrome or Opera mini toolbar whenever you want to post on Instagram from a desktop computer or mac. The extension will redirect you to the developer’s website where you can log in.

Step 3: Log in to Instagram

Enter your Instagram login details into the appropriate spaces and click login.

desktopify instagram login

Step 4: Click on the + button at the bottom to post images

post on instagram from desktop with desktopify

How to Post on Instagram from Desktop using Google Chrome (No extensions)

This method is a little bit more technical. It works by you making your web browser show the mobile version of When you view the mobile version of Instagram on your browser, it automatically allows you to upload photos and videos. You can also replicate this method on Opera mini.

Step 1: Visit Instagram on your computer

Go to on your Google Chrome or Opera mini desktop browser.

Step 2: Log in to the Instagram

Enter your Instagram login details to access your Instagram account.

Step 3: Switch to Developer tools

Go to developer tools. You can find this on Google Chrome by clicking the three dots on the toolbar, scroll down to more tools > developer tools. For Opera Mini, click the Opera logo at the top left-hand side, scroll down to developer and select Developer tools.

Google chrome settings

Step 4: Switch to mobile

Click on the mobile/tablet icon to switch to mobile view. See the image below for more details.

instagram mobile view on desktop

Step 5: Reload the page

Reload the page to see the plus icon at the bottom. Click on the plus icon to upload any photo to your Instagram account.

instagram mobile post

How to Post on Instagram from Desktop using Android Emulator

An Android emulator is computer software that lets you use Android apps on a computer. Recently, Microsoft announced that Android apps will be able to load directly on Windows 11. When this update comes, you only need to download Instagram from the Amazon app store to use Instagram on your desktop.

Yes, you saw that correctly. Windows has partnered with Amazon to make the use of Android apps on Windows computers a reality. Watch the video from CNET below.

While everyone will not be switching to Windows 11 at the same time, the Nox app player is one Android emulator we recommend. You can check our article on how to Install Nox app player.

Here is how to post on Instagram from desktop using the Nox app player.

Step 1: Download and Install the Nox app player on your computer

You can download Nox from the official Nox website.

This software is available to both windows and mac users. The file size is about 552MB.

Step 2: Install Instagram on Nox

Instagram usually comes pre-installed into the Nox app player. If you don’t find it there, open Google Playstore on the Nox player and install Instagram.

Step 3: Log in to Instagram on Nox

The Instagram view on the Nox app player is exactly as it is on an Android phone so you do not need any new step to upload photos or videos. You should already know how to do this.

Please note that the Nox app player could slow your system if your computer does not have the minimum required system configuration.

So we do not really recommend this option unless you will be using the Nox app player for other Android apps and games.

Which is method do you prefer the most?

Thank you for reading our article. We hope that you have learnt how to post on Instagram from a Desktop computer. You can check our other articles on how to download videos on Pinterest and how to buy and sell cars on Facebook.

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