How to Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase helps you to retrieve your wallet if you changed your device or the previous device where you had Trust wallet got stolen. In this crypto article, I will show you how to find your Trust Wallet recovery phrase.

How to find trust wallet recovery Phrase

A Trust wallet Recovery phrase consists of 12 words separated by spaces. Sometimes, these words could be up to 24. The recovery phrase is always shown when you create your crypto wallet for the first time.

These words are so important that you must copy them somewhere and re-enter them in your crypto wallet before the wallet can be created.

In case you forgot to backup your Trust wallet recovery phrase somewhere, then this is the best time to do that.

I kid you not, it is important to do this right now.

I bought Ethereum on Trust wallet a few years back. Then I got a new phone and dumped the phone with the trust wallet app in my shelve. 

After some months, I wanted to give the phone out to someone. I picked up the phone and tried to enter my password. I had totally forgotten the password.

I took the phone to a technician and the only solution he could recommend was to flash the phone. I don’t know what flashing a phone is called in your country but where I come from, it means the phone will be restored to factory settings even while the phone is locked.

The phone technician flashed the phone and all my apps, files, etc were automatically deleted. I did not have a backup in my new phone.

Also, I could not recover my fund in Trust wallet because I did not have a backup of my Trust wallet recovery phrase.

How to Find Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

You can only do this while you still have your phone with you.

Step 1: Open the Trust Wallet App.

Step 2: Click on the Settings tab

The settings tab can be found at the bottom right. See the image below.

Step 3: Click on Wallets

Step 4: Tap the three dots beside the wallet

Now, in this step, if you have multiple wallets, they will appear here. Tap the three dots beside the wallet you want to find its recovery phrase.

Step 5: Tap on Show Recovery Phrase

Step 6: Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Tap inside the box to tick it then click on continue.

Your Trust wallet recovery phrase will appear after you complete step 6.

Now that you have seen your recovery phrase, what’s the next thing to do?

You should copy your recovery phrase and save it in a secured password manager like Lastpass. You can also save it in a password protected Note app or write it down in a personal notebook (the one you write your plans and diaries).

It is wise to keep your Trust wallet recovery phrase in multiple secure locations so that if you lose access to one, there will always be a backup.

How to Retrieve Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

This part of the article is for those who misplaced their phones without having a backup of their recovery phrase.

Seriously, there is no way out.

Not even a staff at Trust wallet can help you retrieve your recovery phrase.

Always back up your secrete phrase immediately after you create your wallet.

If you have a backup, simply access the notebook or password manager where you stored the secrete phrase.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Recovery Phrase for Trust Wallet?

Every single wallet has a different recovery phrase. There is no master recovery phrase that can reset all wallets. Your question should be “What is my recovery phrase on Trust wallet?”. You can read this article from the beginning to find your Trust wallet recovery phrase.

Can I Change Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase?

No, you cannot change the recovery phrase. If you feel that your recovery phrase has been compromised, open a new wallet in Trust wallet and move all your crypto funds there.

Can I Share My Recovery Phrase With Someone?

You should never share your recovery phrase with anyone. Your recovery phrase is meant for your eyes only.

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