How to Download Facebook Videos On Any Device

Do you want to learn how to download Facebook videos on Android, iOS, and PC?

Over the years, Facebook has moved from just being a social media website where users could only share text posts and Images to where you could also share videos and documents.

There are lots of funny, educative and life-hack videos on Facebook; once you start watching, you keep wanting more.

In this article, You will show you how to download Facebook videos on any device.

Facebook does not allow you to download videos directly from the website; you need the help of third-party apps or websites.

How to Download Facebook Videos Online

There are so many websites that let you download Facebook videos I frequently use or

These websites are so easy to use. Visit any of the websites mentioned (either or and enter the URL of the Facebook video you want to download.

For this article, I will be using as my reference.

While watching the Facebook video you want to download, copy the link at the address bar.

download facebook videos

Visit and paste the link you copied into the space provided. See image below;

download facebook videos fbdown-net

Click the download button to begin downloading the video.

Using a 3rd Party Android App

If you would like to use a third-party app to download videos from Facebook, then there is this android app that helps you do so.

Download and install Video Downloader for Facebook from Google PlayStore.

Open the app after installing. Click on “Got it” after reading the instruction then click on “Browse Facebook”.

Log in to your Facebook account via the “Video Downloader for Facebook” app. Locate the Facebook Video you want to download and click on the play button.

An option will come up asking if you want to watch or download the video. Click on the download button to start downloading the video.

download facebook videos android

Download Facebook Videos on iOS Devices

As you may already know, iOS devices are products from Apple. Due to the many restrictions on iOS, so many apps on the Apple app store for downloading Facebook videos either contain so many ads or they do not work at all.

Here is the best way to download Facebook Videos on iOS;

First of all, download an app called MyMedia – File Manager from the App Store.

MyMedia is a download manager and also works as a file manager for iOS devices. After you have installed the MyMedia app on your device, open the Facebook app and locate the video you want to download.

While you play the video, an option to share the video will appear. Click on the option and select copy link. This would copy the video URL to your iOS device.

MyMedia – File Manager also app comes with a web browser. Open the Mymedia app to access the web browser, type in in the address bar and wait for the page to load.

Paste the Facebook video URL you copied previously into the space provided for that option and click the download button.

Select the download option you want; either normal quality or in HD quality.

download facebook video iphone

The app will display an option to name the file then Viola!! Your download begins immediately.

You can now access the Facebook video on the media tab of the app.

The Videos are downloaded exactly how they are on Facebook; no watermarks or glitches.

We hope that you have learnt how to download Facebook videos on any device. If you enjoyed this article, use the share button below to share with your friends.


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