How to Create and Verify a Binance Account

Welcome to this tutorial on how to create and verify a Binance account. Binance is currently the largest crypto exchange in the world in terms of the trading volume.

In this article, you will learn how to create and verify your Binance account. You will also learn how to secure your Binance account.

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Read this article bit by bit so that you do not miss anything. This is the best article on how to create and verify a Binance account.

What is Binance?

Binance is a crypto exchange that allows you to buy crypto with fiat currency, exchange your crypto to other types of cryptocurrencies, and also trade different cryptocurrencies. 

The company was founded by Changpeng Zhao; also known as CZ. Changpeng was among the team that developed and was also the Chief Technology Officer at OKcoin before launching Binance in 2017.

The company’s headquarters is currently at Cayman Islands, Seychelles.

How to Create a Binance Account

Visit the Binance new user registration page using this link.

The website automatically detects your country of residence (disable VPN if you have it on). Click on confirm to continue.

Binance Country Signup

Enter an email address and password to continue. 

Binance registration

Note that your password must contain at least one number, capital letter, and must be a minimum of 8 characters.

Click on create account to create your account.

Slide the puzzle to fit into each other.

Binance security verification

A code will be sent to your email address. Open the email and type the code in the box.

How to Verify your Binance Account

After you sign up on Binance, you need to verify your account with a means of identification. This is known as KYC verification (Know your customer).

It is easier to verify your Binance account through the mobile app.

Download the Binance app from the Google play store or iOS store

Log in to the Binance app with your email and password. Drag the slider to complete the puzzle.

On the next page, you will be required to enter an OTP code that will be sent to your email address. Click on the send button, go to your email to copy the code and paste it in the space provided.

Once you are logged in, click on the profile icon at the top-left corner.

Binance profile icon

Click on the unverified option.

Binance verification 1

Scroll down and click on start now.

Binance verification 2

Enter your first name, last name (surname), middle name and date of birth.

Binance verification 3

Make sure that all the details you supply are exactly the same as the information on your means of identification.

Click on continue

Enter your house address, the city you reside in and your postal code. You can search for the postal code of your city online.

Binance verification 4

On the next page, you need to select the means of identification you want to verify your Binance account with. The type of documents that will be available for selection depends on your country of residence or origin.

Binance verification 5

If you are from Nigeria, Binance accepts the following;

  1. NIN slip/National Identity card
  2. Voters card
  3. Drivers license.
  4. International Passport.

Click on continue after you have selected a means of identification.

Click on “Front of Document” and snap the front of the document. Also, click on “Back of Document” to snap the back of the document.

On the next page, you will be required to take a selfie. After taking the selfie, click on continue to start the facial verification.

Binance verification 6

Make sure you follow the instructions on the page; do not wear hats or a cap, do not wear glasses, avoid using filters and do the verification process at a pace with enough lighting.

Click on begin verification to start

If you follow all the processes correctly, your Binance account will be verified in a few minutes. However, the verification may take longer periods in a few instances.

How to Secure your Binance Account

Enabling more security options in Binance is a fireproof way to prevent your money from being stolen by unknown persons.

There are four types of 2FA’s on Binance; You can enable either SMS authentication, Email authentication, Google authenticator, or security key authentication.

We recommend that you enable at least three forms of authentication to further secure your account.

When you create your account initially, Binance automatically enables one form of authentication for you. If you created your account with an email address, email authentication will be enabled automatically. If you created an account with your phone number, the SMS authentication feature will be turned on.

You can enable email or SMS authentication by simply adding your email or phone number to Binance.

Follow the steps below to enable Google two factor authentication for your Binance account;

Open your Binance app and click on the profile button on the top-left-hand side.

Binance profile icon

Scroll down a bit and click on security.

Binance security setting

Click on Binance/Google Authenticator.

Binance Google authenticator

Switch the toggle button to activate.

Binance activate Google authenticator

Click on download Google authenticator. You can skip this step if you already have the app on your phone. If you do not have Google authenticator on your phone, click here to download it for Android and for iOS.

After downloading Google Authenticator, click on get started. Click on Enter a setup key.

Go back to the Binance app and click on Link to connect Binance to the Google authenticator app. You can skip the tutorial.

Binance link google authenticator

Copy the Backup key and save it in a secure location. You can write it down on a notepad.

Click on link to continue.

Go back to the Google Authenticator app

In the account name field, type Binance, in the key field, enter the key you copied from Binance. 

Leave the type of key as “Time-based” and click on Add.

Go back to Binance and enter your verification codes, copy the code from Google authenticator and paste in the Google authenticator tab,

Click on submit when you are done.

Viola!!! You have successfully added Google Authenticator to your Binance account. Henceforth, you will need to enter codes from your mobile phone, email and Google authenticator to approve specific tasks on your Binance account.

How to Add Security Pattern or Fingerprint Unlock to Binance

Open your Binance account.

Click on the Profile on the top-left hand side.

Binance profile icon

Click on Security to open the security options.

Binance security setting

Scroll down to touch ID, tap to enable.

Binance touch ID and pin settings

Tap on the toggle beside Pattern, enter a pattern that you can remember.

Frequently Asked Questions on Binance

Can I Use Binance without KYC Verification?

You cannot use any Binance service unless you verify your account. You can learn how to verify your Binance account here.

Do you have any question with setting up your Binance account? Ask your question using the comment section and I will respond as soon as possible.

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