How to Buy and Sell Cars on Facebook Market Place

Are you searching about Facebook Marketplace Cars? 

Over the years, Facebook has gone from an ordinary social media website where all you do is to communicate with friends and like pictures. You can now do almost anything on Facebook; you can buy cars, houses or start a community fighting for a cause on Facebook.

In this article, you will learn more about the Facebook marketplace for cars, how to buy and sell cars on Facebook.

What is Facebook MarketPlace Cars

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make it possible for you to do almost everything through your favourite app, Facebook.

Facebook marketplace cars is a virtual market place where you can buy and sell cars directly on Facebook.

If you are looking to sell a car or start a car sales business, you can use the Facebook marketplace cars feature to post your cars for free and reach out to thousands of potential car buyers in your city or country.

As someone looking for where to buy cars, you can also find some of the best car deals on Facebook.

Why Facebook MarketPlace for Cars is the Best Place to Buy or Sell Used Cars

When it comes to selling, the power is in the numbers and Facebook has a huge chunk of that number.

The market place feature is competing directly with sites like Craiglist, Offerup, Letgo, kijiji of Canada and Jiji of Nigeria.

If we are to look at the numbers, Facebook has more audience than the five websites mentioned above combined.

Statista claims that Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users around the globe. That is about 35% of the world’s population.

Since almost everyone is on Facebook, it is the best place to post a vehicle for sale or find car deals at the cheapest rate.

Here are some of the reasons why we think the Facebook marketplace for cars is the best place to find car deals:

4 Reasons Why Facebook MarketPlace for Cars is the Best Place to Buy Cars

1: Direct Access to Sellers

There is no barrier to posting cars for sale on Facebook, hence anybody interested in selling a personally used car can do so while the car is still packed in the garage.

As a buyer, you are dealing directly with the seller so you do not have to pay any extra charges apart from what the car really costs. All you need to do to make a successful purchase is to send a message to the seller on Facebook, schedule a meeting to see the car, then after testing, payments can be made.

2: Get a Better Profile of the Seller

Unlike listing sites and other classified ads websites where you do not get to really see who sells what, the Facebook marketplace allows you to see the full profile of the seller before buying. Hence, you know who you are dealing with before committing.

3. Better Deals

Car dealers buy cars from people who want to sell their cars then add a profit before selling to the final user. Most times, there is a limit to how you can bargain when buying from dealers. However, when you buy direct from the previous owner on a platform like the Facebook marketplace for cars, you are sure to get a fairer selling price. You can even bargain more for a better deal.

4. Get listings close to you

When you search for a vehicle to buy, the Facebook marketplace will show you cars that are up for sale in places close to you.

How to Buy Cars from Facebook Marketplace Cars

There a certain steps to take to successfully buy a car from the Facebook marketplace. In this part of the article, we will show you all the steps you need to take to not get scammed on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. Visit the Facebook Marketplace for Cars

The first step is to visit the Facebook marketplace cars category. Note that not every Facebook member has access to the marketplace feature yet. If you are eligible, visit the vehicle category to get started.

2. Search for the Car Model You Want to Buy

Enter the brand and model of the car you want to buy in the search box at the side. You can also make use of the filter feature to bring search results based on your specification. Once you see a car that picks your interest, check the images posted by the seller. Also check for the mileage, engine and interior decor; if you are comfortable with the car then proceed to the next step.

3: Chat Seller and Ask Questions About the Car

You should ask the seller a series of questions before setting out to buy the car. Below are some of the questions you should consider asking;

  1. Is the car still available?
  2. Does the car have any issue that was not stated in the description?
  3. Do you have the documents for this car?
  4. Why are you selling?
  5. Can I negotiate the price? (If yes, you should price the car reasonable).

4: Schedule a Physical Meeting with Seller

If you are satisfied with everything so far, you can 

schedule a meeting with the seller to check out the car before making payment. It is always a good idea to go with a friend or colleague who has some knowledge about cars. The purpose of this meeting is to check the vehicle and confirm the claims of the seller.

During the meeting, you can do a test drive.

5: Pay via Bank Transfer

The last step is to make payment. For this, you can transfer directly from your bank app or favourite online payment app e.g Paypal etc. It is not a smart move to pay with cash in transactions like this.

How to Sell Cars on Facebook MarketPlace Cars

Selling cars on Facebook is quite easy if you follow the right procedures. Within a few days, you should be able to sell off your car through the Facebook Marketplace for cars.

First of all, you need to confirm if Facebook Marketplace is available to your Facebook account. You can if your Facebook profile is eligible for the marketplace feature by visiting this Facebook Marketplace link here.

If you have access to it, then you can begin to post items like cars, furniture, electronics, mobile phones and other eligible items on the Facebook market place. If you are not eligible for the marketplace feature, there are few reasons that may be the cause;

  1. You are new to Facebook.
  2. Not up to 18 years old.
  3. Not available in your region.
  4. You may have posted items that are not allowed on the Facebook marketplace.

If you are eligible, then we can proceed to how to post items on the Facebook Marketplace for cars.

Step 1: Visit the Facebook marketplace through here. If you are using the mobile app, click on the shop icon at the bottom.

Step 2: Click on create new listing.

Step 3: Since you want to sell a car, click on Vehicle for sale from the list of options.

Facebook marketplace cars options

Step 4: Enter every detail of the car and the images. Also, select the location where you plan to sell the car. Facebook will use this to show the listing to people close by.

Click on next to view the next step.

Step 5: You can select a list of groups you want your item to appear on or you can leave this part and publish the listing.

Immediately you hit the publish button, your vehicle will be available on the Facebook marketplace for cars instantly.

Thank you for reading this Facebook marketplace cars article. You can also check our post on 7 best convertkit alternatives.


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