I Got My Confidence Back

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So I bought this domain name (Yes, this very one) sometime in 2016. During that period, I wrote articles on Make money online and entrepreneurship in general.

I had to squeeze my very limited time (was still in school then) to write articles and yet I wasn’t making money from the blog then. I let the domain name expire thinking I would buy it back whenever I needed it.

Then boom!

Someone bought the domain and put a price tag. 745 freaking dollars.

For a website that I wasn’t making money from. But ‘what da heck’, this was my name.

I knew this person just wanted to make money from me; he actually thought I would buy the domain name from him for that amount. “Me keh, me that was looking for money to pay my school fee’.

So I waited for one year for the domain to expire so I would buy it back. One year came and this domain investor renewed the domain name.

You can imagine the frustration I felt. I think he reduced the price thinking the reduction will make me want to buy.

This nigga doesn’t know that we Nigerians don’t spend that much on a domain name; unless the domain is bringing in plenty moolah.

I just farabale, waited another year again and voila! My domain name was available.

chrisakuneme domain

I quickly bought it back without thinking twice.

You might be wondering what I would do with this website from now onwards. Well, the reasons aren’t much though.

In fact, everything isn’t clear to me right now but as time goes on, they will.

My Love for Writing

I love writing, I really do. Although, I don’t consider myself a very good writer. I want to use this blog to build my flair for writing.

I want to be so good at writing that I write without pausing – I want to be able to write as the words come into my head without making errors. This article you are reading right now took me about 3 months to complete. I don’t want that.

I want to be able to write at least two thousand words plagiarism free content within 30 minutes.

I will dedicate 12 hours every week writing contents on this blog.

If there is something I want to be addicted to in my life right now, I want to be addicted to writing. Maybe even write a book in the future.

A personal Email Address

Truth be told; I love packaging.

And please, don’t confuse packaging with shakara. They are two different things entirely.

This domain name chrisakuneme.com will give me the ability to own a personal email address in my own name. Something like hello@chrisakuneme.com, contact@chrisakuneme.com, mail@chrisakuneme.com e.t.c

The normal @gmail.com and @yahoo.com is too common :).

Showcase my C.V

Although I know I won’t be using my curriculum vitae (C.V) to look for a job, I want it to be easily accessible here.

Even if it is only primary school certificate that I have, it will be on my curriculum vitae page. I know LinkedIn has this feature already but I want everything about me to be in one place. Not some parts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium.

Oh… Medium. This is my own version of Medium.com.

Update Projects I’m working on

Who doesn’t want to run a big company? I bet everyone will if given the chance. Chance and luck are one of the few things I don’t believe in; especially after soccer betting show me ‘sheygey’.

So, I believe everything worketh together for those who believe and work towards achieving them.

As time goes on, I will be starting new businesses and rebranding current businesses. I will create a page on this website to list all the projects I’m working on and write a few articles about my experience while working on these projects.

So, If I start a Shawarma joint tomorrow, I could name it ‘Chris and Sons Shawarma joint’ and then list it on my projects page. Project na project.

Share a bit about myself

Human beings are the biggest culprit when it comes to judging a book by its cover. Most people see me as that gentle, quiet, no-nonsense kinda person.

Oh gawd.. You don’t know me at all. Me that can play for Africa :). I don’t see myself as a gentle person or maybe I’m just being biased about myself.

I will share things worth sharing about myself here – My political views, Travel pictures, Experience e.t.c

Sell Courses and Services

I plan on selling courses and services I render in the future. I’m still polishing most of these skills so I don’t end up selling mediocre courses or services to customers.

One of such services I would be rendering is building blogs, websites, E-commerce stores, sales funnels, Facebook chatbots, business strategies, etc.

Most of my services revolve around the digital marketing space.

I could also sell a course in the future on Blogging, affiliate marketing, selling online, etc.

A whole lot of other things I would use this blog for may spring up later; for now, these are what I can think of. Like I said earlier, other things may come up later.

For documentation purpose, this website runs on WordPress as is most of my other websites. I use Inmotion for my hosting.

For now, the images are hosted on my servers. I may use a CDN in the future and host the images on my CDN server; that is if this blog grows to receive a lot of internet traffic.

Most of my videos (if not all) would be hosted on my Youtube channel.

Videos eat up a lot of server space so I won’t be uploading any Videos I create on this blog. I would the videos to Youtube and embed them here.

We’re still in the festive period. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.



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