How to Get USA Phone Number Free

Are you looking for how to get USA phone number free?

A lot of non-USA residents google how to get USA phone numbers for free. It could be to feel cool among friends, to make a business have an international presence or for any reason.

get usa phone number free

In this article, I will show you how to get a premium USA phone number and a Free USA phone number.

Note that, phone numbers cannot be used to verify PayPal accounts as they work via Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). PayPal detects these kinds of numbers and does not allow them to be used for verification.

How to Get Premium USA Phone Number From Skype

Skype offers users USA phone numbers; although, it comes at a price. As a skype member, you can get numbers from 23 different countries. See the flags below for the list of countries;

skype phone number country flag

You can make and receive calls through the skype number. To do any of this, you have to be connected online to your Skype account. Although, you can forward the phone numbers from Skype to your local phone number; that’s another feature you have to pay for.

To get a USA phone number from Skype, sign up for a skype account or sign in to an existing account.

Once you are logged in, access the Skype foreign number page here.

For the purpose of this tutorial, select the USA as your country of choice by clicking the corresponding flag.

Select the state where you want your Skype phone number to originate from. You can find each of the state dial codes of the United States from here.

skype usa phone number

Select the area code you prefer, enter your favourite combination or select a phone number from the suggestions listed. Click on continue to proceed.

skype usa phone number 2

You will be redirected to a page to choose your subscription type. You can choose to pay either for 3 months or a year. Select your preferred option, tick the terms and conditions box and continue.

Note that you get a 33% discount on your first payment. The original price for a Skype USA number is $78 per 12 months.

Select your payment option and make payment. A confirmation email containing your Phone number and receipt will be sent to you. The number will be added to your Skype profile. You can make and receive phone calls with this phone number.

You need to renew this number every year or else it will stop functioning.

How to Get Free USA Phone Number using Textnow

Textnow is a free app that offers free USA numbers and allows users to receive calls from anywhere in the world. This service could also be used to send free SMS to any phone line in the United States, Mexico, and over 100 countries. cool huh?

Note that, Textnow does not work in every country (e.g Nigeria). To use this app in a country that is not supported, you need to install a VPN on your device or browse with Epic browser for PC. You can use Hotspot Shield VPN for free.

For readers in countries where Textnow is not supported, make sure your VPN is working and the server address is set to the United States. You can confirm your server location by visiting

Visit this link to signup on Textnow. Fill in your correct details and click the signup button.

Enter the area code you want your USA phone number to originate from. You can check the list of area codes in the United States here.

Select a phone number from the available options. Viola! You have gotten your free USA phone number.

Setting Up Textnow with Mobile Phone

Now, you need to setup Textnow to work with your mobile phone. This will enable you to make and receive calls, send SMS from your free USA number via mobile phone.

The Textnow mobile app does not work for Non-USA residents. If you do not reside in the United States, you can download Textnow here.

After you have installed the app on your device, activate your VPN. You can use Hotspot shield for this.

Sign in to your Textnow account only after your VPN has been activated and the server set to the USA.

Textnow has a free and premium feature. For the free plan, you must be online to receive calls from your free USA phone number. The premium version allows you forward calls from your free USA phone number to your local number.

The premium costs only $2.99 monthly and $29.99 yearly. You can receive calls and SMS for free but to make phone calls to certain countries, you have to subscribe to a Textnow plan.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to get USA phone number for free. You can also check our other articles.


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