How to Download Amazon Kindle App in Nigeria

For some unknown reasons, the Amazon Kindle app is not available on the Nigerian app store for both Android and iOS, hence Nigerians cannot access digital books on the largest book marketplace, Amazon.

Amazon has millions of books from different authors in its library. Most of these books are available in print (hardcopy), Kindle and audio versions.

download amazon kindle app in nigeria

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download the Amazon Kindle app in Nigeria, the benefits of the app, and how to buy kindle books on the Amazon store.

What’s a Kindle eBook?

If you purchase the hard copy of books from Amazon, it could take weeks for the book to arrive as Amazon does not have a physical presence in Nigeria. Even if they did, some books may not be available at the store.

A Kindle eBook is a digital format for books. It can be downloaded and read with a Kindle device or through the free Kindle app.

A lot of your favourite titles are already in the Kindle format.

Benefits of Kindle eBooks

They are Cheaper.

Kindle books are cheaper than their hardcovers or paperback versions. You also have to consider shipping fees when you purchase the physical copies of any book from Amazon.

Amazon does not offer free shipping to Nigeria.

By the time you’ve added the cost of the physical book and the shipping charges, you would have spent a lot.

It’s Instant.

Once you’ve paid for a Kindle book, you can download it immediately. No need to wait more days for shipping. If you have the Kindle app on more than one device, your book will be available on all the devices as long as you are signed in.

Highlights and Bookmarks

While reading, you can highlight a sentence with any colour you want or, if the whole page makes a lot of sense to you, you can bookmark the whole page.

This way, it’s easy for you to easily access them later in the future.

Inbuilt Dictionary.

Are you reading a book written by Professor Patrick Obahiagbon? Trust me when I say you will need a dictionary with you.

Every Kindle app or device comes with an inbuilt Dictionary. You can long-press on a word you do not understand to get the definition.


If you are reading a book on Kindle and you stop halfway to do other things, when you reopen the Kindle app, you will be taken to the chapter you were reading before you went off.

Unlike PDF readers where you will be taken to the first chapter. You then have to scroll to where you stopped.


It’s old school to buy physical books that are not your school textbooks and keep them on a shelf when you can have all your books on your device.

For instance, you are travelling and you need to take about two heavy books with you. Which do you think would be more convenient, taking the hard copies and making your luggage heavier or downloading the Kindle versions on your phone (your phone carries all the weight)?

How to Download Amazon Kindle on Android

You can download the Amazon Kindle app on the Google Play store by visiting the official app page here.

But, you may discover that the app is not available in Nigeria.

So what do you do?

You can download the Android apk file from apk pure.

Visit this link to download Amazon Kindle from Apkpure.

Click on the download button.

amazon kindle app apk pure

You will get a warning that the file may be harmful. This is because you are not downloading directly from the Google Playstore.

Click on “download anyway” to continue.

Over the years, I have downloaded loads of apps from Apk pure that were not available on the Playstore for Nigerians; apps such as Spotify, Kindle, and Monopoly. Some of these apps recently became available in the country.

After downloading the app, you will need to buy your first Kindle book or download it for free.

Click here to see how to buy a Kindle eBook.

How to Download Amazon Kindle on iPhone.

If you are using an iOS device, you will not find the Kindle app on the Apple store. It may be added in the future but for now, it is not.

Unlike Android which has lots of websites where you can download apps outside the official app store, Apple is more restrictive.

Although there are apps like Cydia that allow you to install iOS apps outside the Apple App store, you may have to jailbreak your iPhone. This is not something a lot of iOS users want to do. The process is also cumbersome.

So we will stick with the easiest way.

The Amazon Kindle app is not available on the Nigerian iOS app store but it is available in the United States and some European countries.

The easiest way is to change the location on your app store profile from Nigeria to the USA.

Apart from the fact that this will enable you to access the Amazon Kindle app, you will also be able to download a lot of other apps that are not available to Nigerians.

Once you have changed the country, click here to download Amazon Kindle from the iOS store.

How to Buy Kindle Books on Amazon

You need to have an Amazon account to do this.

If you do not have an account, go here to sign up.

After you have registered for an Amazon account, log in to your account.

From the Amazon homepage, search for the eBook you want to download.

Amazon search

Select the version of the book you want to download, in this case, select Kindle.

How to sell to Nigerians - Amazon Kindle

Click on “Buy now”.

Amazon kindle Nigeria one click buy

You will be prompted to enter your card details if this is your first purchase from Amazon. Supply your card details to complete the purchase.

The Kindle ebook will be sent to your Kindle app.


The Amazon Kindle app is the best app for reading books. Sometimes I use it to read PDF files too instead of the usual PDF reader.

I was surprised to see old titles like Chike and the River and She who must be obeyed.

If you have had difficult times searching for where to get your favourite genre of books; all that ends after reading this article.

I hope you have learnt how to download and use the Amazon Kindle app in Nigeria.

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