How to Convert WebPage to PDF for Free

A lot of people online want to convert web pages to PDF and find it hard to do it. It’s actually easy and can be done for free. In this post, you’ll get to know how you can convert a web page to a PDF document for free.

In this post, you will learn how to convert a web page to a PDF file with a tool you already know about. And this tool is absolutely free. You could convert as many pages as possible to PDF files. No need for paid extensions and etcetera.

How to Convert Web Pages to PDF on PC

The free tool to convert web pages to pdf documents is the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome has a built-in web page to pdf converter. With this inbuilt tool on Chrome, you can convert an unlimited number of web pages to Pdf with few clicks. See how to convert pages to PDF on a personal computer below;

  • Download Google Chrome browser on your personal computer.
  • Install the Google Chrome browser,
  • Visit the webpage you want to convert to pdf.
  • While on the page, click on ctrl+p (cmd+p if you use a MAC) or right click and print.
  • Under Destination, click on change.web2pdf
  • Select save as PDF.
  • Click on save.
  • Select where you want to save the file on your computer system. You could also rename of you want to.
  • Save the file.

Locate the file on your computer system and open to read your PDF file.

You may also want to convert web pages on a mobile phone to PDF. The Google Chrome browser for Android comes in handy.

How to convert web pages to PDF on Mobile

Just like the PC counterpart, you don’t need any paid app to do this.

  • Install Google Chrome on your Android or iPhone.
  • Open the webpage you want to convert to PDF.
  • Click on the three buttons at the top-right side of the browser.
  • Click on “share”.
  • Scroll down to “print” and click on it.
  • Click on save to “Google Drive” and select save as as PDF chrome
  • Click on save to store the device on your phone.

Apart from using Google Chrome, there are free web sites that convert other web pages to PDF files for free. Why chrome is better is because you can set the number of pages you want on the PDF file while the online web page to PDF converter will only convert the whole website to a PDF document.

Websites that convert web pages to PDF for free are below;


With this, you should be able to convert any web page to PDF without issues. Ciao.


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