Cloud Storage: Save Your Documents Online

In previous news, we posted about the fire incidence at Yabatech Bakkasi hostel. One of the affected students said her final year project got burnt with her laptop; she said it was the final year project that she needed back the most and not even the laptop.

A colleague of mine was going to submit his final year project the next day, he went to his classroom that night to complete the write-up and add finishing touches to it; unfortunately, he slept off while working on the project. He woke up moments later, only to find out that his laptop has been stolen. He had to start typing and researching all over again.

Incidence like this can be avoided if you save your data and other valuable documents in the cloud. Introducing cloud storage….

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage does not actually mean storing your documents in the cloud/sky. Cloud storage means storing your documents in online storage. When you store documents online, you can access it from anywhere while on the go. Even if your computer or mobile device gets stolen, you can download your documents any time you like.

Take for example Facebook, when you upload your pictures or videos on Facebook, you can download them to your device at any given time.

There are many websites that offer cloud storage. Some of them offer you free storage space to a certain extent.

10 Cloud storage websites you should know

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google drive
  3. Microsoft OneDrive
  4. Mega
  5. Media Fire
  6. Box
  7. iCloud
  8. Flipdrive
  9. Yandex.disk
  10. Amazon cloud drive

Best Cloud storage for students

We recommend Google drive cloud storage for students. When you create a Gmail email account, you automatically have access to Google drive and every other Google website. You can create or log in to your Google drive account by using the same login details you use for Gmail.

Google drive offers you 15 Gigabyte space for free. If you want to save documents that are more than 15 Gigabytes, you have to upgrade for a price. Below are the price plans for different storage space on Google drive;

  • 15GB = Free
  • 100GB = 390 per month/ 3900 per year
  • I Terabyte = 1990 per month/ 19,990 per year

The subscription fee can be paid with your Nigerian debit card or Paypal account. Only pay this money when you have exceeded the 15 Gigabyte storage space.

How to get started on Google Drive

Visit Google drive website at

Login with your Gmail login details.

The interface looks like a file manager. You can create folders and arrange your documents into each folder.

Google drive also has an Android and Ios application. You can use the app to backup the important documents on your mobile phone device.

It is not advisable to upload music and movies to your Google drive account because you can always download those movies or music from websites on the internet.

As a student, you can save project write-ups, Images, PDF ebooks, digital course materials, backup files (my WhatsApp chat history is backed up on google drive) etc.

If the two individuals in the story above stored their documents on Google drive, they would have easily retrieved the documents.

Start saving your important files in a cloud storage today. Don’t wait until the worst happens and you lose important files.


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