How to buy airtime with Bitcoins

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As more people get to use bitcoin every day, more businesses get more comfortable to use the digital currency. This post is about how you can buy airtime with bitcoin.

You can use your bitcoin to purchase airtime for almost any network and any country. When you make a purchase, you get credited to your mobile phone number immediately.

Bitrefill is a website where you can use bitcoins to buy airtime. This website supports over 600 carriers in 143 countries. More carriers and countries may be added soon.

How to buy airtime with Bitcoin

  1. Visit (you don’t need to register/sign up)
  2. Enter your phone number in the space provided and click on get prices
  3. Select the amount of airtime you want to buy from the options or enter a specific amount
  4. Enter your email address, confirm the order and click “To Payment”
  5. Send the exact amount of bitcoin to the wallet address provided.
  6. Once the transaction is confirmed, the top-up amount will be credited to your phone

You could also send airtime to your friends and loved ones with this technique.

Bitrefill comes in five different languages; English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. If you have any issues with the platform, you could shoot a mail to


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